The end of your charging troubles: Ugreen GaN 100 W fast charging hub!

The end of your charging troubles: Ugreen GaN 100 W fast charging hub!
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We have so many smart devices to charge nowadays, each of them having different power requirements when it comes to wallplugs. To make matters worse, the new trend is that smart gadgets come without their own charger in the box, so you have to go out and find one for yourself.

Well, why not grab yourself a power brick with multiple outputs and just call it a day?

The Ugreen fast charger to charge all your devices

We present to you the Ugreen 100W 3C1A multi-purpose GaN charger. Through its four outputs, it can provide power for your laptop, tablet, smartphone, and smartwatch all in one.

What is GaN? Gallium nitride — a new type of semiconductor, which provides more efficient charging with less heat dissipation and allows for these types of power bricks to be built smaller.

More info on GaN in Ugreen's blog

And, indeed, the Ugreen 3C1A is small enough to be held in your palm, and light enough to be carried in any bag effortlessly. Its arched sides and matte texture, in fact, make it a pretty device to observe and handle.

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Ugreen 100W 3C1A GaN charger ports overview

There are a total of 4 ports on this charger — as the name suggests, we have three USB Type-C outputs and one USB Type-A. Their power ratings differ a bit, but a handy leaflet that comes with the charger will make sure you are well-informed:

  • USB C 1: up to 100 W
  • USB C 2: up to 100 W
  • USB C 3: up to 22.5 W
  • USB A: up to 22.5 W

Basically, you want to plug your higher-powered devices, like laptops, in either the first or second ports. The third and fourth ports can be used for your smartphone, smartwatch charger, or earbuds.

The Ugreen 100W GaN charger will automatically adjust its power output, depending on what device you have plugged into it. So, if you plug the USB C 1 port in an iPhone 12 — don’t worry, you won’t fry the iPhone. The charger will intelligently provide the maximum power that the iPhone can take, which is 22 watts. It’s ultimate purpose is to provide fast charging at optimal, safe rates.

Of course, you can charge multiple devices at one time with the Ugreen 100W 3C1A GaN charger. When you have more than one gadget plugged in, the 100 W power output will be distributed to charge each device. If you want to speed up your laptop’s battery top-up, make sure the laptop is plugged into USB C 1 or 2 and unplug anything else, so it would get the full 100 W power output.

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Ugreen fast chargers: where to buy

Ugreen produces a vast range of charging solutions — from the 100 W GaN fast charger here to car chargers, portable batteries, or even a 20 W mini charger that you can take with you everywhere.

Browse Ugreen chargers here

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