The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 comes with a blue light filter option similar to the iPhone's Night Mode


Although Samsung didn't mention it during yesterday's Galaxy Note 7 launch event, it turns out that the sixth installment in the Galaxy Note phablet series comes with a blue light display filter option.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the hottest smartphone of the moment, and as detailed information starts surfacing online, it's starting to look like the Note 7 has a bunch of undermarketed but really useful features. Earlier today, we've talked about how the Galaxy Note 7's Power Saving mode can quickly lower the display resolution to FHD or HD, and now we're here to inform you that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 also comes with a blue light filter that users can quickly turn off or on right from the quick settings dropdown.

In the Galaxy Note 7 display settings menu, just below the brightness level, Samsung has added a new toggle that activates/deactivates the blue light display filter. The same functionality is also offered right from the quick settings screen, which serves to prove that Samsung is expecting users to frequently use activate and deactivate this feature. 

From what we can tell, Samsung's blue light filter option is not as customizable as third-party apps that achieve the same functionality, meaning that you can't set predefined hours during which the blue filter should slowly kick in and then fade away.

As most hardcore Android fans may know already, the upcoming Android 7.0 Nougat - which will probably launch in about a month or so - will land with a built-in blue light filter option.

Although both Samsung and Google are now showing an interest towards blue light filters, both tech giants are lagging behind Apple when it comes to native adoption. After banning blue light filter apps from the App Store, Apple has equipped its modern iPhones with a blue light filter that's referred to as the 'Night Mode'.

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Just in case you're wondering what the deal with these blue light filter apps is, what you should know is that overexposure to blue light (and smartphone displays have a lot of that) can cause eye strain. Furthermore, too much blue light when the evening settles can disturb your sleeping pattern, which is why Apple is marketing its blue light filter as the 'Night Mode'.

Back to Samsung, chances are that this feature will eventually trickle down eventually to more of the company's flagship phones, seeing that this is purely a software feature.

What do you guys think, is anyone surprised to learn that Samsung has equipped it's Galaxy Note 7 with a blue light filter now that Android 7.0 Nougat is getting ready for prime time? Will you use the feature?

source: Sammobile

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