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The Razer Anzu is a pair of glasses with built-in open-ear headphones

The Razer Anzu is a pair of glasses with built-in open-ear headphones
Razer has announced the Razer Anzu Smart Glasses - its first eyewear product. It is essentially a conventional pair of glasses with built-in Bluetooth headphones. Designed with people working from home in mind, the headphones feature an open-ear design, meaning they don’t block any of the sounds around you.

The Razer Anzu comes with two separate, interchangeable sets of lenses: 35% blue light filtering lenses and 99% UVA/UVB polarized ones. For indoor use, the blue light lenses of the Razer Anzu will protect you against the harmful blue light emitted by computer screens. With these filters on, your eyes will anticipate longer strain-free periods. The other pair of lenses is meant to safeguard your eyes when you are under direct sunlight. In terms of audio, Razer Anzu has speakers built inside the side frames, and these have Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

Razer confirmed that the latency of the Bluetooth connection had been cut down to the impressive 60 milliseconds which proves the headset to be a solid tool for online, work-related conference talks. In addition to the speakers, there is also an omnidirectional microphone to secure the flawless hands-free communication. Actively engaged, Razer Anzu’s battery can last more than 5 hours, while the stand-by mode - which is enforced through folding - ensures an uptime of two weeks. Once fully drained, the battery takes about an hour and a half to recharge.

Razer Anzu boasts ergonomic, lightweight design, coming at the mere 43 to 48 grams depending on which lenses you use. The delicate, fashionable look of the glasses is guaranteed by rectangular or round frames which are offered in two sizes - Small/Medium and Large. Touch controls are provided on the side of the frame. With these you can access functions such as: changing music tracks, playing or pausing media, managing conference calls, and turning on and off the voice assistant of your smartphone.

The device takes advantage of its own EQ presets, latency settings, battery status, and firmware updates. Razer Anzu has also an IPX4 water resistance certificate which means that it can withstand a few sporadic drops of rain and body sweat.

Besides the Anzu glasses and the two pairs of lenses, inside the box you can find a USB-A charging cable, a cleaning cloth, and a carrying case. The price is $199.99 for the device and $29.99 for any extra pair of UV lenses. Customers who need to further aid their eyesight can benefit from Razer’s partnership with Once you have bought the Razer Anzu you are receiving 15% off on all the prescription lenses at the Lensabl webstore - and these are compatible with the Razer Anzu.

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