The Heart 401AB from Japan might be the weirdest phone you've seen lately

The Heart 401AB from Japan might be the weirdest phone you've seen lately
Japan never ceases to amaze us with its bizarre products. Take the Heart 401AB phone, for example: it's a brand new handset that looks like a heart (not an anatomically correct one though), and - thanks to a twist mechanism - it can be transformed into something that resembles a peanut. Or a bean. Either way, the device was announced today by Japanese carrier Ymobile, and will be launched in March in both black, and red.

Specs-wise, the Heart 401AB is as modest as any flip phone from many, many years ago. It's got a 0.9-inch display with 128 × 36 pixels, and it seems that the only thing that you can do with it - besides perhaps showing it off to your 6-years old daughter - is make phone calls. And that's it - not even SMS is supported.

The Heart 401AB weighs only 59 grams, and, at 26 mm, is pretty thick. The handset will have a Sailor Moon edition. Both this, and the regular version come with complementary heart-shaped wall chargers.

The price of the Heart 401AB phone is not known, but we imagine it will not be a high one.

source: Ymobile via The Verge


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