The HTC tech-duo explores the "serious considerations" of the HTC One (M8)’s duo-camera

The HTC tech-duo explores the "serious considerations" of the HTC One (M8)’s duo-camera
HTC’s tech-duo is a pretty well executed marketing idea. The average guy and engineer are not bad characters overall, and they play well off each other.

It is not all bad having the ultra-geeky explanation along with some plain language translation for some features, though in this case they let the HTC One (M8)’s duo-camera take the spotlight and it is the engineer that drives the point home.

As for Brian the contemporary artist from New York, we do not really understand what he is trying to convey by relating the HTC One (M8) camera to the "truth" and that of a burrito, or a potato. A potato?

While we cannot quite visualize from the sleek build quality of the M8 to that of a potato, we can say that the camera of the HTC flagship is unique, in both good and no-so-good ways. The camera interface is straight forward, allows for all sorts of customizations, and despite being only a 4 megapixel (ultrapixel) main camera, the pictures are nice.  The dual camera set-up allows for some neat effects to be applied to the photos after their are taken.

Naturally, you will not get the resolution that can be had with an LG G2, Samsung Galaxy S5, or Nokia Lumia 1020, but the tradeoff is superfast performance. Seriously, you can just hammer the shutter key and take pictures as fast as you want.

While we will not say that pixels do not matter, the camera on the HTC One (M8) is pretty neat, and if all you do is share your media via social networking like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ or Twitter, the images taken with the device will fit the bill. Throw in great build quality, the front facing speakers, and beautiful HD screen, and the HTC One (M8) is a worthy consideration, at least worthy of more consideration than a potato.

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