The Google Pixel XL is completely out of stock from the Google Store

The Google Pixel XL is completely out of stock from the Google Store
With the holiday season quickly approaching, it will soon be time to start making purchases for family, friends, and even possibly yourself to celebrate the most expensive time of year. While there are plenty of new gadgets that came out this year that will more than likely be at the top of a lot of people's wish lists, one of the most popular will probably end up being Google's new Pixel phones. Although the new handsets are a far cry from the old Nexus brand, Google's vision for the future of smartphones does look like one that a lot of people are already on board with.

Unfortunately, if you're looking to purchase one of Google's new phones anytime soon, we've got some bad news for you. Google's putting in a heap of money into their marketing campaign for the Pixel phones, and the company's goal to get that marketing to push phones out the door appears to be working quite well.

The 'Very Blue' version of both the Pixel and Pixel XL sold out within minutes of Google making them available for purchase on the Google Store, and now the 32GB variant for the Pixel in Quite Black and Very Silver are showing estimated delivery times between 4 to 5 weeks with standard shipping. However, perhaps even more discouraging, the Pixel XL is completely sold out of all available variants. This doesn't come as too much of a surprise considering how popular larger handsets have become, but it is still quite a bit of a bummer if you had plans to purchase one this week.

However, if you happen to be a Verizon customer or will be making the switch to Verizon in the near future, the wireless carrier currently has all versions of both the Pixel and Pixel XL in stock with an estimated delivery date of October 20. That's good news if you're on Verizon's network, but if happen to be with a carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile, you're going to be left waiting for the Google Store to bring the handsets back in stock.

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