The Dark Knight Rises game now available on Android

The Dark Knight Rises game now available on Android
Every new blockbuster movie has to have a game tie-in, that's been a rule of law since the early days of gaming. The last Christopher Nolan Batman is no different, and Gameloft made it official today by releasing The Dark Knight Rises into the Google Play Store. This is a premium game from Gameloft, meaning it is big, detailed, and pretty expensive for a mobile game. 

The game follows what has become a pretty standard, but effective formula that games have used for both Spiderman and Batman recently. You get an open world (Gotham) in which you can swing around or coast from place to place either playing random instances, or following along with story missions. The story has you saving the city from Bane with the help of Commissioner Gordon, Catwoman, and of course Morgan Freeman Lucius Fox. 

The game looks amazing, but when we say it's big, we mean it. The game is 1.8GB, so be sure you are on WiFi and have the space before purchasing. And, as for the purchase, the game will run you $6.99 in the US, £4.99 in the UK, and other prices in other denominations depending on where you live and where the game is available. 

Oddly, this morning Gameloft had announced that 10 of its best titles were optimized for use on the Nexus 7, but when The Dark Knight Rises launched, it wasn't compatible with Google's new tablet. Luckily, Gameloft has already pushed an update bringing compatibility for the Nexus 7, so no more worries there. 

If you're interested, just grab the game from the Google Play Store.

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