The 5 Android browser apps you need to try out before you settle

The 5 Android browser apps you need to try out before you settle
Browsing the web is perhaps the most quintessential thing that anybody does on a PC, and, by extension, their mobile. Whether it's your tablet or smartphone we're talking about, the odds are that you're spending a good  chunk of hands-on time inside a browser app. 

But navigating the maze that is the web is no picnic, especially when you consider the considerably smaller form-factor of something like a smartphone, and even a tablet. The lack of physical keyboard and a mouse means that you're pretty much left with a clumsy tool at your disposal -- hands. Extensions of our natural body they might be, but it turns out that they're not all that dexterous as we like to think, which likely explains the rush towards bigger screens. At least partially. Unfortunately, we're nearing the limit of how much screens can grow, and there's no reason to think that touchscreen are going anywhere for the foreseeable future. So are we damned to adapt or suffer? Not really. A distinct few browser apps out there are, arguably, better suited for use on a smaller screen. In our view, those need be extremely simplistic in their approach to the format (Chrome), or thoroughly and meticulously thought-out (Dolphin). In today's pick, it was our aim to shortlist the 5 browser apps that either strike a masterful balance between speed, ease of use, and functionality, or truly excel in one particular area, without completely massacring the rest. Take a look

Note: you can check out our complete Android browser apps performance comparison here.

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