Teen was texting when she fell into an open manhole

Teen was texting when she fell into an open manhole
It goes to show how much of a distraction texting away on a phone can impact our daily lives. Apparently one teenager from Staten Island, Alexa Longueira, unexpectedly found herself down into the depths of a manhole while she was texting on her phone. On top of the putrid smell around her, she suffered some scrapes on her arms and back during the run in. It's just another example of how much of our attention is focused on our handsets and not taking notice to our surroundings. Not to say that it was completely her fault, it was found that workers turned away briefly to go look for some cones. Now the family of the teenager plans to sue for the incident. Her mother goes further to state that texting was not the prime cause of the accident. The only thing that will be missed by the teenager will be one her sneakers that was left behind somewhere in the murky waters of the sewers.

via Gizmodo

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