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Taking your beats on the go? LG launches proper street art-styled portable speakers

It's common knowledge that using your phone's speaker to blast your favorite music is often not the best alternative. Sure, some devices can sound OK-ish, but for any type of serious listening, or social gathering, the tiny speakers often fizzle out and become more of a nuisance than a provider of good vibes. So, needless to say, portable speakers have become a thing and anyone who often finds themselves out on social gatherings under the stars owns at least one. But, if we are going to be taking our accessories out and about, we certainly want them to look good, right?

Well, yesterday, LG held an event in Paris, France, where it unveiled a trio of street art style portable speakers that are sure to catch the eye of those that hang around the skate ramps often. The company has partnered with graffiti artist JonOne (a.k.a. Jon156), claimed he was involved with every stage of the design process and it is his belief that the resulting devices are the perfect medium for his artwork.

Features-wise, the boomboxes have dual speakers inside and allow for a multi-Bluetooth connection. The latter allows for two devices to control the music and volume, which is pretty nifty at parties where everyone wants to take a stab at the playlist. Alternatively, a single device can make use of the multi-Bluetooth pairing and use the speaker's dual drivers as true stereo channels, sending left and right signals via a Dual Play feature.

The LG Portable Speaker Art series are set to launch across Europe this month. There is no word on whether, or when, it would hit other markets.


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