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Take control of the Parrot AR.Drone directly from an iPhone

Take control of the Parrot AR.Drone directly from an iPhone
Being all grown up doesn’t mean you don’t always have to act like it – sometimes you just have to let the inner kid, that’s deeply tucked away, come out and have fun. The iPhone may be one of the ultimate gadgets used for business and pleasure, but Parrot’s AR.Drone seeks to pull you back and take control of this remote controlled helicopter with the aid of your handset. Parrot is probably best known for their Bluetooth accessory line for mobile phones, but they’ve come up with an ingenious Wi-Fi enabled remote control helicopter known as the AR.Drone to really let loose the kid inside of you. Just check out the video and you can see for yourself how much fun you’d get out of it – all the while using your iPhone to safely maneuver it through obstacles. There’s even a pair of on-board cameras that aid to stabilize it while the other one provides you a first person perspective of the bird’s-eye view.  You’ll have to drool over the video in the mean time to get your fix because it’s not slated for release to consumers until “sometime in 2010.” No word yet in its pricing as well – let’s just hope it won’t cost two arms or an eye.

source: Parrot via Engadgetmobile


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