Take advantage of the 21 apps that are on sale at BlackBerry World

Take advantage of the 21 apps that are on sale at BlackBerry World
Yes, there are still smartphone users out there using a BlackBerry 10 powered handset. For these hardy souls, a sale in BlackBerry World means that they have the opportunity to pick up some desired apps on the cheap. These might not be the big name apps that BlackBerry 10 users lack, but they could still be useful. A total of 21 apps have been discounted at BlackBerry World. While the entire list can be found at the end of the story, we have focused on four of the titles.

PanoRIMio works with the GPS on your BlackBerry 10 device to send you stunning, artistic photographs. The app has a library of over 70 million pictures, and with your GPS enabled, you will see photos taken from your area, The app is priced now at only 99 cents. If you need a quick way to get from point A to point B, then Taxi 10-Private Car and Taxi is the perfect solution. With the app, you can arrange for a taxi, a private car, or you can share a ride. The fare is revealed in advance on the app, and you can pay using PayPal or with a credit card. This allows you to take your journey without having to bring cash. The app is priced at $1.99.

, priced at $2.99, provides BlackBerry 10 users with more than ten features relating to multimedia processing. The app allows you to convert audio and visual files, cut video files into separate pieces, merge two to three files into a single file. and remove audio/visual from files. More importantly, with the app you can create animated GIFs from video files or separate images.

Another app on sale in BlackBerry World is NextAction! This is a color-coded task manager that helps you get things done. This app is on sale in BlackBerry World for $2.99 and is a great solution for both procrastinators and workaholics.

Check out the entire list of discounted BlackBerry 10 apps by clicking on the slideshow below.

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14. S.R.K.

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Where is Mxzyptlk?.......

17. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Kicking @$$ and taking names maybe?

48. BobbyDigital

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More like kissing ass and getting tea bagged.

63. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You don't have to share your fantasies with me although that would explain why Meanest has an unhealthy obsession with sacks.

66. meanestgenius

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What it really explains is your unhealthy infatuation with me. You're always calling my name like some love-sick chick I gave the business to, or just on my sack in general.

86. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Well maybe if you stfu about sacks then maybe I wouldn't have said that comment.

97. meanestgenius

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Maybe if you just gtfo my sack I wouldn't have to keep telling you to do so.

71. BobbyDigital

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The only one who has fantasies here is you with wanting to hurt a man's butt. Hence you always talking about butthurt. Give it up shelly. You routinely get destroyed in PA but at lest half a dozen to a dozen users here. You must enjoy it.

22. Bernoulli

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25. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Yes you are.

26. meanestgenius

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No. YOU are. As usual.

31. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Have some cheese to go with that.

37. meanestgenius

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Says the little crybaby that does nothing but troll and complain every time a BlackBerry article is posted, never adding anything of substance. Especially considering you've never used, and don't intend to use, a BlackBerry device. You're always proving that you're ever the hypocrite.

44. Mxyzptlk unregistered

You're wrong yet again. I said I had no intentions of using the Priv, I never said I would never use a Blackberry device. I have given my reasons why I won't use the Priv. You're just crying and whining as usual. You can't stand the fact that I don't really have any real problems with Blackberry. No, it's just an overzealous hornet who's on her period.

51. meanestgenius

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Cut the lying BS already. You've never had any intention of ever using a BlackBerry handset, and everyone knows this. You're an Apple apologist, deal with it. And everyone one here also knows that you're the one that's always whining and crying here, complaining about BlackBerry to no end. How could you talk about something you've never used before, and don't intend to use? You have zero experience with a BlackBerry. And why would I be mad if you didn't have any real problems with BlackBerry? You sound like an idiot. Oh wait, you are an idiot. If you truly had no "real problems" with BlackBerry, you wouldn't be on practically ever BlackBerry article speaking negatively about them. Save the lying BS for those that don't know how much of a troll you actually are.

75. Mxyzptlk unregistered

If I'm an Apple apologist, then you're a Blackberry apologist who sees nothing but Blackberry. I don't have any problems with Blackberry. Now the overzealous, pompous, egotistical megalomaniac who continues to shove their opinions in everyone's face, that's a problem. You see Princess, despite what you want to believe, I don't have a problem with Blackberry handsets. But when you release a device that's priced more than some of the competition and does less than they do, then yeah it's a problem. Get the f over it. The Moto X, the 6P, and the 6S are better phones. They have a huge edge over the Priv and it's tearing you apart because I continue to mention it whenever the Priv gets brought up. It's an open forum, get over it Princess. If you don't like it, crawl back under your bridge or your little Blackberry rock and cry me a river.

78. meanestgenius

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Stop mimicking me. It makes you look more pathetic than usual. And I don't deny being a BlackBerry loyalist, but you certainly have denied being an Apple apologist. And you constantly whine and complain and spread your BS, uninformed opinions about BlackBerry to any and everyone, even when they don't care what you have to say. You're a sad little pathetic troll that has no life, save for trolling BlackBerry/Samsung/LG/Motorola/Android articles. You try and pass of your constant trolling as a simple, misunderstood opinion, but EVERYONE knows better. If you didn't have a problem with BlackBerry handsets, you wouldn't come to damn near every BlackBerry article spewing your negative BS. And name ONE thing that your precious, limited-in-features iPhone can do that BlackBerry devices can't do, and I'll name several that BlackBerry devices CAN do that the iPhone CAN'T do. BlackBerry devices (both BB10 and Android) have as many, or in the iPhone's case, MORE, features than any other device out there. Get the f--- over your trolling of BlackBerry. Your comment about ANY of those phones being better phones than BlackBerry handsets is purely SUBJECTIVE. STOP trying to pass off your uninformed opinion as fact, and actually name something that makes them have a "huge edge" over BlackBerry devices. Oh that's right, you can't. You're just trolling. It is an open forum. I had to tell YOU that many articles ago, since you always seem to cry like a pubescent brat since I post things that are not only in contrary to what you post, but often prove you to be nothing more than a lying, uninformed troll.

89. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Stop bawling Princess, that's what happens when you get burned by the fire you started. You want to talk about features, if your precious Blackberry had so many features, why's the only market that they still have relevance in is the enterprise market? I don't see any developers flocking to your platform. You're just full of crap, Princess. Your precious Priv isn't even universally unlocked, it's only locked to GSM networks. I don't give a rat's @$$ what features you can name. At the end of the day, iOS and Android are still relevant while Blackberry is merely a relic from the past. I never said my comments about those phones weren't subjective. It's you who has an issue on knowing what a subjective opinion is Spoiler alert, it's not the crap you constantly try to shove down someone's throats. Yeah, it's an open forum when it fits your needs. You're a hypocrite.

98. meanestgenius

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The only one "bawling" here is you, as usual. You're constantly crying like a little b- on BlackBerry related articles, and the thing that makes you look most pathetic and shows everyone that you're nothing more than a useless troll is that you have never even used a BlackBerry before, and don't plan on using one at that. You're a complete idiot if you think BlackBerry ONLY has relevance in the enterprise market. Who do you think has the biggest market share in the auto-infotainment industry? I'll tell you, since you're too stupid to know: BlackBerry. Who has positioned themselves quite well in the budding IoT industry? BlackBerry. Even if they were only relevant in enterprise, it's still relevance, and it's an industry that your beloved Apple is pushing hard into. I do t give a sht about the Priv only being GSM unlocked, especially when there is a CDMA version of the Priv. Your comment on that has just been rendered invalid. Of course you don't care about the features I can name, because your beloved iPhone has very little built in features to begin with, and BlackBerry devices have as many, if not more, built in features than Android devices, lol. Time and again you prove that ALL you know have is an infantessimal amount of knowledge about smartphones. You don't know anything beyond that. You're exactly like the idiot average consumer that only knows what logo is on the back of the phone. If you know your comments are subjective, then why do you constantly try to pass them off as gospel? YOU take issue with what I post because not only does is counter your BS with logic, but I also have a different opinion than yours. News flash: I don't agree with trolling idiots who don't know anything about a smartphone beyond how many units they sell, and think that's all that determines a company's relevance. If you were smart, and you're definitely not, then you would know that BlackBerry makes money off of iOS and Android devices being sold in enterprise. Who's software do you think secures the majority of them in enterprise and regulated industries? I'll answer that for you as well: BlackBerry. Lmao! It's always been an open forum. YOU'RE the one that cries like a spoiled brat because I don't agree with you, and am constantly shutting down your trolling buffoonery. And the King of hypocrites has no just cause to call anyone a hypocrite, so you just rendered the last sentence in your post invalid.

101. meanestgenius

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And I won't even get into how BlackBerry is now into the area of Emergency Reponse, and who's software is being used in hospitals to make patient information more secure, things that are MUCH MORE RELEVANT and MORE IMPORTANT than who sells the most smartphones. Grow up, little brat.

102. meanestgenius

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News flash #2: Any props given to Android are now props given to BlackBerry as well, considering they now build Android handsets as well. So I guess those same said developers are aiding BlackBerry as well.

103. meanestgenius

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"The BlackBerry PRIV, on the other hand, will reboot once you put a Verizon SIM in and when that finishes you'll have all of the settings automatically changed for you. You'll even have a Verizon Wireless bootsplash animation, which is a little strange to see at first on a phone you bought unlocked." Got that bit of information from here: http://m.androidcentral.com/being-verizon-wireless-customer-unlocked-android-world?utm_medium=slider&utm_campaign=navigation&utm_source=ac Looks like your "universally unlocked" argument has just been dumped in the trash.

34. Bernoulli

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Dude I have yet to see a blackberry article in which you appear and aren't bashing on them, seriously did you used a blackberry as a vibrator and it ended up hurting your clitoris or why hate them this much? Serious question.

54. meanestgenius

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I didn't attack you. I made a statement, and you got salty and started crying like a spoiled brat, BWS.

70. Mxyzptlk unregistered

Oh Princess, don't start backtracking on me. I'm not done burying you just yet.

76. meanestgenius

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I simply said the same thing you did in your comment #41, so I guess that makes you as much as a "backtracker" as you claim I am. And do continue to respond to I can keep crushing you.

90. Mxyzptlk unregistered

I'm not going to dig up old arguments, but everyone knew you pretty much just regurgitated what I said and then you got salty about it when it was brought to your attention.

99. meanestgenius

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In other words: "Meanestgenius just made me look like a lying, trolling idiot again, as well as a hypocrite." There. I fixed your post for you.

79. Bernoulli

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I don't see how purchasing a software company got them the last laugh. They're still losing ground in the hardware business. They're competing in a dead man's game by trying to stay in the hardware business. If Chen was smart and wanted to make a "good" move, he would go that route and try to tackle the entry-level smartphone segment. It worked for the Lumia pgones and Motorola. It could "probably" work for Blackberry. If they're going to go the software route and focus less and less on hardware, they should change their name because it wouldn't be viable to their image. think it would make sense to alter their name up some. It would make sense with them transitioning from hardware to software. The only people that may not understand it are ones who DON'T see how important it is when making a gradual change like blackberry is doing. I mean I could be wrong but these comments made by non other than you don't sound too compelling.

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