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TI introduces a 720p Pico projector chipset for mobile and portable devices

Posted: , posted by Luis D.

TI introduces a 720p Pico projector chipset for mobile and portable devices

Texas Instruments is still in the game, and its latest invention is a Pico projector for mobile and portable devices that's capable of projecting 720p images and video. The 0.3″ HD TRP DLP® Pico™ chipset boasts 100% higher brightness while using 50% less power compared to TI's previous achievement.

The chip is based on the DLP Cinema technology that's popular in theaters. It also features TI's proprietary Tilt & Roll Pixel (TRP) architecture and adaptive IntelliBright algorithms to increase brightness or consume less power. Additionally, the chipset’s fast switching speeds enable the world's smallest true color RGB engines with 120Hz video performance.

So far, only Samsung has experimented with mobile projection. Its Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone from 2012 appeared a bit ahead of its time. It offered a built-in 640x360 projector that took a heavy toll on its battery life, which made for an underwhelming experience.

Texas Instruments's new technology could give such projects chance for a second, better equipped try. However, not that many manufacturers will be up to the task of making these niche devices desirable and, consecutively, profitable. Still, a portable Pico projector accessory that's capable of decent ouput seems like a fine option, especially for movie fans and presentators.

source: Texas Instruments via Android Authority


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