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T-Mobile's Voice Plus Beta launched for the G1

T-Mobile's Voice Plus Beta launched for the G1
T-Mobile G1 owners may have the chance to really take control of how phone calls are managed on their handset with T-Mobile's new service called Voice Plus Beta. Being the first Android handset to be available here in the US, it's getting a special treatment with the development of a beta program that's exclusively available to T-Mobile G1 owners. Basically it sports a ton of interesting calling features such as call divert, call defer, visual voicemail, and city ID. Do you ever have those annoying telemarketing phones calls that you know about because of the phone number that pops up on your Caller ID? Well the Call Divert feature provides you some peace and quiet by sending selected numbers straight to voicemail without having your phone ring. If you're in a busy meeting, Call Defer will let callers know you're busy and schedule a convenient time for you to call back. Finally City ID gives you more detailed information about who is specifically calling you – such as the city and state information of the incoming call. Now you'd better be quick because not everyone will be getting in on the fun – you'll have to email T-Mobile with some information, then they will make the download available to a select number of T-Mobile G1 customers.

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source: T-Mobile


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