T-Mobile wants to help you #GetOutoftheRed with its new promotion aimed at Verizon subscribers

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T-Mobile and its CEO John Legere announced today a new promotion designed to make it easier for Verizon customers to move to T-Mobile. With Verizon's "Big Red" nickname in mind, the nation's third largest carrier is helping you #GetOutoftheRed. With the plan, Verizon customers can move to T-Mobile, keep the phone they already own (certain models only), and T-Mobile will even pay off the balance. This limited time promotion is available to Verizon customers with the Apple iPhone 6s or newer, and the Pixel or Pixel XL models.

In a video that was released today, T-Mobile's Legere points out that ever since Verizon started offering unlimited service, its network speed has declined by 14%. T-Mobile's speed has increased over the same time frame. According to T-Mobile, it's 4G LTE pipeline now provides 23% faster data speed than Verizon. In addition, while Verizon starts de-prioritizes data for its unlimited customers once they use 22GB in a single month, T-Mobile has just raised its threshold to 32GB. That means that with T-Mobile, you can use 10GB more of data each month without worrying about getting your data speed throttled during conditions where data traffic is heavy.

The deal launches on May 31st, and Sprint and AT&T subscribers can use Carrier Freedom to help them switch to T-Mobile. With this plan, T-Mobile helps you pay off your device payments and service contracts with the use of a  pre-paid Master Card or virtual pre-paid Master Card. Starting on May 31st, a trade-in is no longer required to join Carrier Freedom..

T-Mobile also has some more announcements coming,with at least one taking place tomorrow. And beginning now, T-Mobile One subscribers with two or more voice lines can receive two additional lines for the price of one.

According to T-Mobile, Verizon subscribers can #GetOutoftheRed by doing the following:

  • Switch to T-Mobile
  • Put their own phone on a faster network (we’re now 23% faster than Verizon)
  • Never pay another penny for that phone (no joke! We’re paying off people’s phones! Whatever they owe Verizon.)
  • Get that phone fully protected for $15/mo – this is all we ask to #GetOutoftheRed, and they can cancel anytime.

For more information, click on the video at the top of the story and visit T-Mobile online (www.T-Mobile.com).

source: T-Mobile

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