5G brings more than just faster download speeds says T-Mobile video

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While T-Mobile recently delayed the launch of its 5G service, the bottom line is that sometime this year all four major U.S. carriers will be offering mobile 5G. And T-Mobile today released a video about 5G that stars theoretical physicist and futurist Michio Kaku, who compares the coming 5G revolution to another invention that changed the world, the printing press.

The printing press, said Kaku, led to the renaissance. "5G technology should be seen in that light," the futurist stated. He added that the next generation of wireless connectivity will provide more than just faster downloads. It will also put the internet in places where you wouldn't expect to find it, like a contact lens. "You will simply blink, and have access to the entire storehouse of knowledge on the planet earth."

Kaku sees 5G pumping up the economy and the job market, making everyone more productive. Companies that have become part of our everyday lives like Uber, owe much of their success to the improvement in data speed from 3G to 4G. And with 5G raising the bar again, there could be an explosion of new businesses providing services that we would never have dreamed possible.

Yesterday, Neville Ray, T-Mobile's CTO, said that when it does launch 5G, it will be available to its customers on an unlimited plan. He also said that pricing for 5G would remain at current 4G levels at least three years. However, you should keep in mind that whatever the carrier's executives say is under intense scrutiny as regulators at the FCC and DOJ decide whether to allow T-Mobile and Sprint to merge.

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