T-Mobile turns on 3G coverage for unlocked Apple iPhone models in some areas

T-Mobile turns on 3G coverage for unlocked Apple iPhone models in some areas
Reports have been circulating that T-Mobile has turned on 3G coverage for frequencies that unlocked versions of the Apple iPhone can use. The reports have been coming in from Nevada, Northern California and other parts of the Northwest and deal with the 1900MHz frequency that the nation's fourth largest carrier wants to use as additional carrying space for its HSPA+ update to 84Mbps next year. Network speeds at 7.92Mbps down and 1.8Mbps up have been faster than that found on AT&T's 3G network.

By dialing *#0011# on Samsung phones, certain T-Mobile branded handsets can use this spectrum now. These models include the Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II handsets and the Samsung GALAXY Tab tablets. Other devices that can use the frequency include the HTC Radar and the Huawei Springboard.

With the use of a hardware unlock and the micro SIM cards just recently offered by the carrier, over 1 million unlocked Apple iPhone units are using T-Mobile's network. This is more the result of Apple selling unlocked units in the States and not a sign that the carrier plans on immediately offering Apple's smartphone. Besides, the 1900MHz frequency is being supported by T-Mobile only in some areas in order to reach the 84Mbps peak it is aiming to achieve next year. For the Apple iPhone to get consistent access on T-Mobile, Apple would have to add 1700MHz 3G to the iPhone 4S. Perhaps we will see a T-Mobile branded Apple iPhone in 2012.

source: electronista

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