T-Mobile to launch new webConnect data plans: prices hiked, 10GB option added

T-Mobile to launch new webConnect data plans: prices hiked, 10GB option added

T-Mobile has captured the top spot inthe news recently with reports about the carrier being considered for sale to Sprint by DeutscheTelekom, but while that is still just a possibility, the upcomingwebConnect data plans on the U.S. fourth largest carrier shouldbecome a reality much sooner. T-Mobile will reportedly roll-out its new plans onMarch 13th. But the new data-centered reality is one ofincreased prices as the already existing 200MB will now cost $29.99 amonth, up from $24.99. In addition, the 200MB has the caveat ofoverage prices of $0.1 for every megabyte consumed after the covered200MB.

The 5GB package will run at $49.99 amonth, which is a $10 increase over the current $39.99. Going with 5gigabytes you won't have to pay overage fees, but as soon as you hitthe 5GB threshold your speeds will decrease significantly.

Good news is that the carrier is addinga 10GB package for $79.99 allowing you to consume even more data onthe go. The same overage policy applies here, with the threshold forspeed reduction at 10GB.

Pooling each of the data plans with avoice plan will now also be possible, giving you a way to pay using asingle account. At the same time, pairing a voice and a data planwill result in a 20% discount on the data rates. Check out all thedetails on the screenshot below leaked just days before the launch ofthe new rates.

source: TmoNews



15. ssjassassin

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 31, 2009

People this is not for your smartphone. Read "WebConnect" it is a product for internet only devices such as tablets, computers, and usb web cards. The phone internet will stay at the $30 per month and go as little as $10 depending on contracts and data needs. These are throttled plans, meaning T-Mobile will never charge you more for you to use service even if you use more than 5 GB or 10 GB in a month (excluding the 200 MB plan). the price is a deal compared to Verizon or At&t. They also offer free texting included for tablets if you buy one of these services. They also give you the right to use a tablet as a MIFI to connect more devices to the internet without charging you more per month. It is the most simple and straight forward internet plan available.

10. JeffdaBeat unregistered

...for now. I told you guys, unlimited plans are a thing of the past whether you like it or not.

7. box unregistered

These are for internet devices, such as netbooks, tablets, laptops, or USB cards, NOT data plans for cell phones. In that regard, this is a great deal, and definitely very competitive, since AT&T and others offer only 5GB plans with $10/GB overage charges

6. Das70

Posts: 124; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

Well regardless if they are higher, it looks like this is the way for data plans. Verizon will have tiered soon. So I doubt this will be anymore expensive. BOTTOM LINE: You want internet on your phone, its gonna cost ya.LOL I think I shall stay with my prepaid for now. I was going to go to tmo when the new Blackberries came out. But now Im not sure. We shall see. The internet works well and there are more than enough apps to play with. (I have a BB on prepaid) Everything unlimited on a Blackberry for the low price of $60 a month. I think many who are getting frustrated should consider prepaid. If you have a good prepaid service that works where you live go for it. Its dooable. If you dont want to consider that. EIther pay the higher prices or get a basic phone.

5. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

This is more expensive than att and vzw now. Well the 200 and 5gb ones are. No good tmo

14. ssjassassin

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 31, 2009

You have no idea what your talking about.

4. Das70

Posts: 124; Member since: Jan 05, 2011

This is for web connect. Witht he 20% discount for a voice plan its the same as it is now. These are not the plans for phone usage. Im sure they will have some sort of different plans. Relax until they release all there new plans.

3. AndroidTroll

Posts: 359; Member since: Mar 05, 2011

Tmo's plans are always such a ***. Figuring them out is like taking an IQ test.

13. ssjassassin

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 31, 2009

It is really simple 1) have a voice line 2) buy a tablet, laptop, or usb web card 3) save 20% off the base plan price. I guess this IQ test makes everyone a genius.

2. Disgruntled unregistered

So typical for T-Mobile! Offer some great deals, get people hooked, then drop the other shoe. And they wonder why they can't get the same number of customers as the big boys. Sad.Sept

9. remixfa

Posts: 14605; Member since: Dec 19, 2008

the plans havent changed.. they just added in the 10 gig option. for regular customers the plans are still $25 for 200mb, $40 for 5gig, and $65 for 10 gig, after the discount. concidering ATT/sprint/VZW charge 60 for 5 gig, and Tmobile is charging 65 for 10 gig (and its faster anyways) thats a damn good deal for high users.

12. ssjassassin

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 31, 2009

It is the same deal they offer now. In fact the price is less now for the 200mb option compared to today. T-Mobile customers get the $40 price where as non T-Mobile customers need to pay $50. This is mostly to prevent employee abuse in the systems they use now, where they can add any person to the $40 price even if they don't have T-Mobile voice. This is also going to save billing issues that customers face having to get two bills not just one. T-Mobile has not done anything to cause a flux in pricing they are just making the representatives honest and giving the customers who deserve better pricing the discount. Also phonearena.com are a bunch of fools for posting it the way they did. It is clear no one here knows what they are doing. But that just seems typical.

1. som

Posts: 768; Member since: Nov 10, 2009

Where is $30 unlimited data plan? If it cost the same as Verizon and ATT I will cancel my T-Mobile contract when my term is ending. T-Mobile services are not every where and cost the same as ATT and Verizon everybody will stop using T-Mobile.

8. Libra1985

Posts: 47; Member since: Feb 26, 2011

these plans are for modems not smartphones

11. ssjassassin

Posts: 108; Member since: Aug 31, 2009

Your service does not cost the same as Verizon and At&t it is less. Also As the other commenter posted these are for tablets and other data only devices.

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