T-Mobile sets up Q&A page about AT&T acquisition

T-Mobile sets up Q&A page about AT&T acquisition
T-Mobile has set up a Q&A page concerning the pending AT&T acquisition. The site looks to help customers by giving information about the potential changeover to AT&T and how that will effect contracts, hardware and services. The site has information about what will happen leading up to the AT&T takeover, but the trouble is that the site has very little information about what will happen after AT&T takes charge. 

Concerning 3G/4G compatibility of hardware, T-Mobile says that they will not be changing their network, so everything will work fine. However, they cannot speak to what AT&T will do, though they assure customers that the AT&T CEO has said that those types of changes will happen over time. The same answer is used in regards to non-contract customers: nothing will change until the acquisition, but after that it is up to AT&T. 

Many of the other answers can be boiled down to a rote response of: The acquisition will take 12 months, and until then T-Mobile and AT&T are separate companies. Unfortunately, these stock responses don't help in answering the real questions that customers have in regards to how things will change after AT&T takes over. Current contracts will be honored, but there are no solid answers as to what will happen when those contracts expire, or how unlimited data plans will convert to AT&T. 

We'll keep an eye out for any real answers, and bring them to you.



1. Amicus unregistered

Horror thy name is AT&T...

2. GALAXY-S unregistered

DAmit all these years trying to avoid AT&T !!! I have nowhere to go!! i would hate to get a CDMA phone :(

3. Gozer the Gozarian unregistered

The website should just say: "Don't worry...AT&T will royally screw this up like every other acquisition that they have made. Please find yourself another service provider while you still have a chance. If you enjoy cheap UNLIMITED plans, please visit Walmart for a Straight Talk device and plan. Thanks for being a loyal customer!".

7. Tom unregistered

Lol Straight Talk is aweful. You must work for either Walmart or Straight Talk.

4. TKFox007

Posts: 303; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

Any customers that stay will be screwed, AT&T won't honor anything T-Mobile has put in place for customers, hopefully anyone that wants out can get let out of their contract for free so they can go to another carrier if they want.

5. box unregistered

Haven't they had that website up since the initial announcement? MobilizeEverything.com I thought it was...

6. laMmE unregistered

Don't you know whose towers/service Walmart's Straight Talk runs on? T-Mobile... Which will be AT&T... Sorry bud but your SOL if you want GSM but not AT&T in the states.

14. lilly0x unregistered

actually tracfone(straight talk) runs on t-mobile, at&t and verizon, depending on the phone model you get.

8. AppleFanboy

Posts: 142; Member since: Jun 07, 2011

I won't really complain about this, I have AT&T using an iPhone, and have no complaints at all with either, of course, lower prices are ALWAYS better, but 140 for 2 smartphones with unlimited data is pretty koo IMO, thats what I use the most, texting and data, so im good without the need for an unlimited talk plan lol

11. ATTCallCenter unregistered

Probably will keep the same aspects as the recent Alltel customer acquisition. They kept their alltel plans, had phones sent for free, and haven't had to change the plan even though they've upgraded with new 2yr commitment. So if it's anything like that, you T-Mo subscribers have nothing to worry about. And also if it is like that, then it would be to your benefit to get a T-Mobile account set up before they take ATT and get a cheap bill

12. person unregistered

For clarification: Straight Talk only used Verizon and AT&T towers; (in the commercials it says it uses the top leading providers in America) And plus...T-Mobile's "truly unlimited" plan isn't unlimited when it notes the 2 GB limit at the bottom of the screen.

15. lilly0x unregistered

Actually after the 2gb soft cap, they throttle you down to EDGE speeds. Technically still unlimited.

16. lilly0x unregistered

i'm saying actually a lot :\

17. randomguy unregistered

sweet I think im buying a ferrari with unlimited miles only to find out, I have to get out and ride the short bus if I use it to much.....great unlimited plan

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