Check out T-Mobile's Behind the Scenes video for its OnePlus 6T unboxing

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Among a number of things, T-Mobile is known for the unboxing videos that it produces for major phone releases. These are created by the carrier's content director Desmond Brown. Back in October, Des (as he is known) starred in T-Mobile's unboxing of the OnePlus 6T. The latter is the first OnePlus handset to be sold through a U.S. carrier, and in the states it is a T-Mobile exclusive.

Today, T-Mobile released a video showing what went on behind the scenes during the filming of its OnePlus 6T unboxing video. Des noted that he wanted to make the video " a little more special," so he came up with the idea of having it take place in a "high tech Westworld style laboratory." While Brown often handles the filming of these videos himself, for the OnePlus 6T clip he turned to a third party media firm; the Behind the Scenes video shows how some of the different effects were created. One shot showed the contents of the OnePlus 6T box flying out of the container and floating in mid-air before falling back into the box. Thanks to the video released today, we now know that the effect was created by using strings that don't show up on camera.

The Behind the Scenes video can be found at the top of this article with the original unboxing video found below. You might want to click on the latter first to refresh your memory before tapping on the video that gives away some of the secrets.

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