T-Mobile is no longer carrying the beloved HTC HD7

T-Mobile is no longer carrying the beloved HTC HD7
When Windows Phone first came to market, the HTC HD7 quickly captured the attention of consumers with its larger than life presence, but more importantly, it helped showcase the potential of Microsoft’s mobile platform. Looking back, it’s rather difficult to say how the HTC HD7 impacted the scene, especially when it was going up against other things like the Samsung Focus and Dell Venue Pro.

Well, the time has finally arrived – the handset is no longer being carried by T-Mobile USA. We know, it’s indeed a sad moment, but it’s the inevitable reality that all smartphones endure in the end, but at least it had a good ride. However, if you still long for it, there’s always the HTC HD7S, a slightly improved device packing that oh-so lovable S-LCD display instead. Even better, there’s the HTC Titan that’s truly regarded as a contemporary giant in the Windows Phone landscape right now.

However, now that this massively large high-end handset is no more, that means consumers only have the HTC Titan or Samsung Focus S to choose from. For T-Mobile, this effectively means that the HTC Radar 4G is only going to be their sole option – well, that’s until when the Nokia Lumia 710 lands, which isn’t until next year unfortunately.

In any event, we bid adieu to the HTC HD7, a lovable and once polarizing device in the Windows Phone community – may it live forever in our memories! Hey, at least it has Mango now.

via WMPoweruser
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