T-Mobile is getting Samsung T339 and T229

T-Mobile is getting Samsung T339 and T229
When we talk about cheap phones, it is almost mandatory that they are … ugly. Unfortunately, this is the real world and a manufacturer cannot offer you the best-looking device at the lowest possible price. Still, Samsung is trying to change that: here we have the exclusive first photos of two new Samsungs, the Samsung SGH-T339 and the Samsung SGH-T229. Both are phones for T-Mobile USA and as their model numbers (T229, T339) point out, they are entry level. There is no information on the specifications yet, but they surely look cool for cheap phones.

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1. Carlos unregistered

Both of these phones are ugly

2. jc unregistered

More shitty samsungs from Tmobile!.... thanx Tmobile!...

3. jc unregistered

One of them looks like an N75 ripoff minus the external music buttons...

4. unregistered

I think that they both are some of the ugliest phones new on the market right now!

13. unregistered

What's wrong with you. This is an electronic device, not a fashion show! I just purchased the T229 this afternoon. THis will be the first Samsung phone I bought. I see nothing wrong with it. I like the touch and the size of the keys. It has volume up/down buttons on the left side. This is basically all i need. A phone for me has to be good quality, good voice quality, good buttons and a good screen. Yeah, I'm a 50 yr. old man and i think along the line of practicality and don't need all those bells and whistles.

5. Dan unregistered

Actually, I find the t339 to be very nice looking. Very clean and simple.

6. Peter Pan unregistered

The samsung t339 is cool i'm actually going to get one and it's only $50.00 that's cheap come on buy it!

7. jb unregistered

I saw the t339 at t-mobile July 12, and thought it the best of the hot-spot capable phones. Crisp display. Easy to use buttons. It was hard to flip open the cover with your thumb, as there is no "crevice" to stick your thumb into. I was favorably impressed.

8. pinkchampagne unregistered

I'm 12 and I currently have an old Razr that my friend lent me since my phone broke. I'm most likely going to buy this phone when I return back to New York, and I'm excited because this is not only sleek and cute but inexpensive! And a lot of phones don't have this so-called crevice, lol.

9. NickNitro unregistered

The t339, the red one on the right side is actually a very nice looking phone in person. Very sleek. It also has alot of features and is all around a top of the line cell phone.

10. prettyria812 unregistered

I am thinking about getting the t339.. i find it to be very sleek and very nice.

11. jojo john unregistered

hey dont get this phone i have had it 4 3 months now and it sucks, because i put it in the freezer and it like broke!!!

12. girlbye82 unregistered

why would you put it in the freezer

14. Cellphonish. unregistered

The samsung t229 is very nice in person. The red is metallic and the phone is very sleek without being hard to hold.

15. samsung_95 unregistered

i have a samsung sgh t339,How do i unlock it??

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