T-Mobile is (almost) ready to pay your family's termination fee on switching

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Ahead of T-Mobile's conference at CES 2014, a banner ad that was (allegedly) supposed to surface later began circulating on tech-sites, before someone somewhere in the T-Mob HQ stuck a wrench in its wheels. Its message and purpose were perfectly clear, which is so rare for ads these days. "We'll pay your family's termination fees when you trade in your devices. Switch today." - read the unmistakeably pink advertisement, and clicking through led to a now defunct page on the carrier's website, containing the words "switch-carriers-no-early-termination-fee".

The itty-bitty details on the plan are still scant, but while we're waiting for the company to fill us in at its conference, the small writing on T-Mob's enigmatic ad tells us that “Qual’g service & device purchase with port-in from AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint req’d. Up to 5 lines.” The maximum amount which the carrier is willing to pay is speculated to be $350.

Such a move was expected from the fourth largest US carrier, especially since AT&T outed a similar programme which pays up to $450 in termination fees to customers switching from T-Mobile. The latter's flamboyant CEO, John Lagere, dismissed its rival's move as "desperate", which seems a bit misplaced now that T-Mobile might be doing the same. However, the wireless market is being shaken up, and this should be a good thing. As T-Mobile keeps growing and hunting for opportunities, who knows what its CEO's intentions to disrupt the market will lead to.

source: Droid-Life

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