T-Mobile extends its "Never Settle" trial for Verizon customers through June 27th

T-Mobile extends its
A tweet from T-Mobile CEO John Legere has announced that T-Mobile is extending its #Never Settle trial for Verizon customers through June 27th. Originally set to expire at the end of May, the plan allows Verizon subscribers to borrow a T-Mobile branded handset and try out the carrier's service for up to two weeks. 

If the consumer loves T-Mobile, he returns his Verizon phone, selects a T-Mobile plan, and purchases a new handset from the mobile operator. T-Mobile will reimburse the consumer as much as $650 per line for equipment balances still owed Verizon, or to pay off Big Red's Early Termination Fee if a two-year contract was broken. If the consumer decides that he'd rather stay with Verizon, he turns in his borrowed handset and T-Mobile pays whatever it takes for him to resume his Verizon service.

Some controversy arose when it was discovered that T-Mobile spent $200,000 to get its #NeverSettleforVerizon hashtag put first under trending tweets. Some Verizon fans spoke up and for the first time, it looked like one of Legere's promotional stunts had backfired. Obviously one not to get rattled easily, the outspoken CEO decided to continue the campaign focused on the nation's largest carrier.

Verizon subscribers interested in seeing how T-Mobile customers live, now have until June 27th to get in touch with the carrier to start their trial. Hopefully T-Mobile will eventually release some information pertaining to this campaign. It would be interesting to see how successful T-Mobile  has been in getting Verizon subscribers to switch.

source: @JohnLegere, T-Mobile



1. theguy2345

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I wish other carriers would do the same, so I can see the difference with my T-Mo service and Verizon. People keep making snide remarks at me for having it, and they tell me "how do you ever get cell service". I would really like to see what the difference is, and if any of this holds true in the area that I live.

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