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T-Mobile expands its 4G coverage in time for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras

T-Mobile expands its 4G coverage in time for the Super Bowl and Mardi Gras
With the Super Bowl kicking off in the Superdome this weekend, you can just imagine how many smartphones are going be in use in New Orleans over the next several days. T-Mobile has figured out which areas of the city will see high demand for voice and data and has boosted its network in those areas to keep up with the expected surge in smartphone use.

To help make sure that its pipeline is running in optimal condition, T-Mobile has put up a Command Center and will make sure that the boost in capacity and speed take place whenever and wherever it is needed. And while a domed stadium might not be the best place to receive a cell signal, the carrier is adding a Distributed Antenna System to help the fans inside the stadium get the word out to those on the outside. COWS (Cellular on Wheels) will be parked near Weidenberg Park for those attending concerts during Mardi Gras.

A special T-Mobile SUV will be driving around town, with mobile chargers that T-Mobile customers can use to power up their phones. The SUV will also have a television and video games to use. So those T-Mobile subscribers heading to New Orleans for the Super Bowl or Mardi Gras can relax about staying in touch while in The Big Easy.

source: AndroidCommunity via SlashGear


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