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T-Mobile customers have a tough day as the network goes down in 12 states and D.C.

T-Mobile customers in as many as 12 states and Washington D.C. had a tough day on Thursday. The nation's third largest carrier saw its network go down in Texas, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, California, New Jersey, Florida, Missouri, Washington, D.C., Rhode Island, Maryland, Ohio and Massachusetts. While some subscribers in affected areas could make phone calls, most were unable to go online or open any apps.

The word quickly spread over social media with several T-Mobile subscribers scurrying over to their desktop computers to report an issue. One T-Mobile subscriber in New York City inquired about an outage in the Big Apple, and said his phone couldn't stay locked onto T-Mobile's network for more than a second at a time. Another complained that he couldn't get any work done on his business phone as he wasn't able to send out "timely emails."

According to, the peak of the outage occurred at 10am EDT when 1,025 reports of problems with the T-Mobile network were logged. The number dropped off during the day. The majority (53%) complained about the inability to get online. 27% had no signal, and 19% could not make phone calls. The good news is that T-Mobile Thursday is coming to an end; unlike T-Mobile Tuesday when subscribers get freebies and a chance at some big prizes, T-Mobile customers do not want today's surprises to repeat again.

source: KCCI, DownDetector


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