T-Mobile Un-carrier 11 announcement tipped to be all about free giveaways


T-Mobile's “Un-Carrier” announcements over the years have brought some big news to the network's subscribers, from killing annual contracts, to reimbursing early termination fees for users jumping ship from competing carriers, to introducing free-to-stream Binge On video. Rumors have recently been circulating that it's just about time for another Un-Carrier event clues us in to what we're likely to get: a whole lot of freebies.

While full details will obviously have to wait for T-Mobile official's announcement, today's leak offers a number of likely possibilities for what those giveaway offers will include, such as a free Wendy's Frosty, Domino's pizza, and a weekly download credit from streaming provider Vudu.

Reportedly, we might only be about a month away from seeing T-Mobile confirm its plans, with the Un-Carrier 11 announcement tipped for June 6 – and all these promo deals, advertised with the hashtag #GetThanked, could go into effect as soon as June 7.

One particularly interesting #GetThanked offer could be a limited-time promotion kicking in for just two weeks after the Un-Carrier 11 event, which would give T-Mobile subscribers the option to pick up a free quarter-share of the company's stock. What better way to convince users that they matter than giving them a tiny slice of ownership in your company?

At current market prices, that quarter-share's only worth about ten bucks, but it's the thought that counts … right?

source: VentureBeat

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