SwiftKey will allow Android users to type faster with more accuracy

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SwiftKey will allow Android users to type faster with more accuracy
Android users, would you like to improve your typing speed and accuracy by 50% on your phone's virtual QWERTY keyboard? London based company TouchType has developed a new product called FluencyMobile which predicts a third of words without a button being pressed and 85% of words with just two characters pressed according to the company's CEO, Jonathan Reynolds. The app will also correct spelling mistakes and decreases the number of errors made while typing fast on a handset's QWERTY keyboard. Apostrophes are added automatically as are inserts for non-English characters. If you're interested in testing it on your Android model, click on this link. Once SwiftKey is released, Android users should notice an improvement in their typung. Oops.

source: TouchType via CloveBlog



1. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

Sounds good for android, but what I don't like about android is that apps after closing them don't actually close, you know what I mean?

6. servo086

Posts: 7; Member since: Feb 18, 2010

What on Earth does this have to do with this article? Whyh get an Android phone if you don't want to multi-task? Download TaskPanel.

10. dougiedoug24

Posts: 9; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

There is a difference between intentional multitasking and unintentional multitasking

2. dougiedoug24

Posts: 9; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

I've been using Swype and am totallly sold. Only problem is sometimes it won't get words with double letters(whenever i try to input "good" it comes up "god"). I also agee that there needs to be a close option for the applications as opposed to using the back button.

3. ehaus81

Posts: 6; Member since: Feb 02, 2010

I love Swype. Been using it since I had my Omnia and now with my Droid. Quick hint for the double letters, draw a circle on the letter as you're swyping and it'll work 95% of the time. At least for me it does. I'm going to try this keyboard and see if it helps with speed at all. More than likely I'll be back with Swype by dinner time though. As for the application closing problems, just get either Advanced Task Killer Free or Taskiller in the market. They both close the running apps 1 at a time or in batches and you can also black list (or white list....whatever you want to call it) apps that you don't want to close also. Check them out.

7. dougiedoug24

Posts: 9; Member since: Apr 09, 2008

I do use the Advanced Task Killer, it is just the personal preference of having the individual kill switch when i am done with something instead of having to go to the extra step. Basically nitpicking.

13. mattkl

Posts: 255; Member since: Feb 01, 2010

I completely understand both sides. I was a little annoyed about apps not closing, but after using the iPhone that closes everything and then going to a new app and then having to open the other again and go through all the menus to get back where I was, I would much rather deal with Android and apps that stay open. Also the Nexus for me with the memory and 1Ghz proc. I don't have to use task killer, it runs just as fast and just as long no matter how many apps are running. I still think the feel of the iPhones keyboard is a little nicer, but with the Nexus it's very close. Can't wait to see how device technology keeps progressing.

14. IHuntInDE

Posts: 15; Member since: Mar 31, 2009

Use Advanced Task Manager Free. It lets you place a widget on your home screen that with one touch will kill anything that is open, unless you have told it not to in the settings. I love it.

4. stix26

Posts: 21; Member since: Feb 03, 2010

the whole point of the Android OS is multitasking. ehaus81 is rightThe use a task killer then you can close all the apps or programs you want all at once. When I had a BB storm I had to go back in to each one and close them manually, that sucked.

5. rwolf1984

Posts: 536; Member since: Jun 06, 2009

Hopefully the touchscreens will improve on the Android phones that swype will not be needed. . .i am feeling the caught in the middle between android and the iPhone. I'd be happier with the android app store, but iPhone does have the best touchscreen HTC HERO and Nexus One are the next most reliable touch screens.

9. stix26

Posts: 21; Member since: Feb 03, 2010

does the iphone really have the best touchscreen? and the Hero is not comparible to the Nexus One or Droid. Hero is only 3.2" 480x320 res.

12. theman10

Posts: 93; Member since: May 16, 2009

The Hero is awesome and extremely comparable.

8. servo086

Posts: 7; Member since: Feb 18, 2010

Has anyone applied for, and received the beta? If so, can you comment on it's quality? Vs Swype?

11. theGodpapa

Posts: 181; Member since: Dec 15, 2009

I did apply for this, and hope to get in. I have gotten lucky and been allowed to beta test Rhapsody for over a month now. That is a great app for the droid, works better than any other music client I have played with on the DROID !

15. dondre unregistered

Luv da Android it can type so fast

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