Suspicious new pictures of the Palm “Lennon” and “Nitro”

Suspicious new pictures of the Palm “Lennon” and “Nitro”

These two pictures of the new Palm GSM devices “Lennon” and “Nitro” popped up lately but we suspect that they might be photoshoped and not taken from Cingular's website as TreoCentral user Edeab220 claims. Still, the phones on the images look quite similar to the sketchy pictures that were released by the Boy Genious.

The two Palm devices look pretty much like the Treo 700p and 700w except the fact that no antenna sticks out. The Lennon is expected to support EDGE, UMTS and will probably use Windows Mobile 5.0, whereas the Nitro will work on Palm OS.


Source: TreoCentral (via EngadgetMobile)



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