Survival Tools styles your flashlight, stopwatch, compass and map in Material Design


Developer: Niels MasdorpDownload: Android
Genre: ToolsPrice: Free

Finally, here's an app that will please designers, adventurers, and adventurous designers alike. Survival Tools is the app to take with you on a trip in the wild. Its features include:

  • A simple and accurate compass.
  • Google Maps view with location tagging. You can mark your position and contact emergency services with a quick tap. You can also share your current location so friends or authorities can easily find you with Google Maps.
  • A flash-light with SOS code.
  • A stop-watch with nanosecond precision. These guys aren't joking - it actually shows nanoseconds!
  • A complete copy of the US Army survival guide with instructions for health maintenance, herbal medicines, shelter, water sourcing, firecraft, finding food, and everything else short of getting through a zombie apocalypse.
  • A Material Design interface which is a great fit for the concept.
This app contains pretty much everything you need on a trip in the woods. It's very simple and well put-together. It's also still in beta, but it seems entirely functional, and it's free on Google Play.

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