Survey reveals what would make iPhone users switch to a Samsung phone

Survey reveals what would make iPhone users switch to a Samsung phone
You might remember a company called ecoATM that we wrote about back in 2010. Their ATM-like terminals take your old smartphone and payout real cash. The company recently conducted a survey of 1,050 smartphone owners age 18 or older. The survey revealed that most of the respondents are very loyal to their current phone. When asked what new feature would make them switch from their current handset to the Samsung Galaxy S6, 26% said that nothing could get them to swap their current handset for Sammy's new flagship. 22% said that a lower price point for the Galaxy S6 could entice them to switch.

What would it take for an Apple iPhone owner to switch to a Samsung phone? According to the same survey, 24% would do it if it were a free swap, and 16% would make the trade if the Samsung handset was offered to them at a lower price point. Outside of pricing, 21% would swap their iPhone for a Samsung branded smartphone based on the latter having a longer battery life. 18% would do it for a larger screen-size and 3% would make the change if they saw a celebrity using a Samsung phone. By the way, 16% of iPhone users surveyed said that they would never exchange their iPhone for another smartphone under any condition.

So what is it that prevents iPhone users from switching to a new phone? A quarter of the respondents with an iPhone said that the fact that their friends and family have one is a reason not to switch. 21% cite the better features on the device as the reason why they stay with it, while 19% say they exclusively use Apple products.

When do consumers upgrade to a new phone? 38% will wait until their 2-year contract has expired no matter how spectacularly spec'd a new model might be. 23% wait until their phone is broken. 16% will buy the new model within six months of its launch and 13% can only hold on for a month before buying the new unit. 6% will buy the new phone on the day it launches, while 4% will pre-order the hot drool worthy new handset.

source: ecoATM

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