Survey: Most Windows Phone owners don't use front facing camera

Survey: Most Windows Phone owners don't use the front facing camera
Original Windows Phone 7 models didn't have a front-facing camera and it wasn't until phones like the HTC TITAN and HTC Radar came along that it was a feature on a Windows Phone unit. Even today, not every handset loaded with Microsoft's mobile OS sports a front-facing shooter. A good example of this is the Nokia Lumia 800 and there were some who complained about the lack of the camera on front of the unit.

There is really only a couple of things that a front-facing camera can do, like take self-portraits and enable video chats. Perhaps that is why a whopping 66% of Windows Phone users in a recent survey admitted that they do not use the front-facing camera on their phone. 31% of those responding said that they do not use the front-facing camera. 12% don't use the front-facing camera, but plan to do so in the future and 23% are waiting for the Windows Phone 8 update and the ability of the phone to support Skype, to use the camera on front. Opposing that 66% is the 11% that use the front-facing camera regularly and the 23% that use the front-facing camera sparingly. (It should be noted that some of those who responded that they don't use the front-facing camera might have a model without one)

When Windows Phone 8 handsets start to rollout, we might see a change in the results of this poll as Windows Phone users get the ability to use Skype for video chat. 

source: WPCentral

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