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Surprise: HTC M8 may have a mini version

Surprise: HTC M8 may have a mini version
HTC’s upcoming flagship smartphone, codenamed M8, might have a mini version - just like the HTC One that was introduced in early 2013. And yes, we are kidding with the "surprise" part in the title.

According to @evleaks, the regular M8 is the “0P6B”, while the M8 mini will be the “0P8B”. Not long ago, we saw the M8 appearing in a benchmark test as the HTC 0P6B120, so the full model number of the M8 mini could be 0P8B120.

We are hearing that the M8 will feature a 5-inch 1080p display - a 0.3-inch increase over the screen of the original One. The One mini from last year spots a 4.3-inch 720p screen, but there’s no way of telling if the new model will retain this size and pixel resolution.

Since the large M8 should come with Android 4.4. KitKat, Sense 6 UI and on-screen buttons, we’re expecting the same for the mini model. It’s said that HTC will officially announce the M8 in February or March, and perhaps it will reveal the M8 mini at the same time. We'll definitely let you know when we hear more on this.

Note: In case you have any doubts, the two handsets seen in the upper-left corner are the original One (M7) and One mini (M4).

source: @evleaks
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