Super grainy shots of the HTC Supersonic?

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Super grainy shots of the HTC Supersonic?
The on-going saga of leaked HTC photos continues with yet another powerhouse smartphone getting snapped up by someone. This time though, we are greeted with blurry looking shots of the alleged HTC Supersonic that’s bound for Sprint – featuring a lot of the goodies seen with the HTC HD2. So far from the images, it has a rumored similar look to the venerable HTC HD2 – 4.3” display, lightning quick processor, and a streamlined body. Now what’s new about the handset is that it’ll show off Android 2.1 with Sense and support for WiMax connectivity with Sprint – seemingly becoming one of the pioneering handsets in the 4G race. The site that leaked the images, The Android Mobile OS, says that we can expect a 1GHz Snapdragon processor under the hood, kickstand, and support for FM radio. One can really drool over the long list of impressive specs that we may see with the HTC Supersonic, but these grainy looking shots are all that we can stare at until someone can ultimately take detailed images to really make people want it.

source: The Android Mobile OS via Engadget


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