Sundar Pichai explains why you should trust Google with your data

Sundar Pichai explains why you should trust Google with your data
It's about time someone from Google came out and did this, because there is a constant push back from users about privacy and the amount of data that Google collects on its users (not to mention the somewhat misleading attack campaign from Microsoft). We've talked before about the idea of the personal data trade, but today Sundar Pichai clearly and succinctly explained exactly why you should trust Google with your data.

Walt Mossberg mentioned the amount of data that is being collected in order to power products like Google Now, and asked why he shouldn't be nervous about what Google does. Pichai responded:
If that sounds familiar, it may be because those are similar arguments to what we've made before, but it's good to have someone from Google address the topic. Privacy is a concern, but what many people don't realize is that if Google loses the public's trust, the entire business could collapse. If Google can't protect user data, users stop feeding the system, and Google's services and main revenue stream (advertising) rely on that data. 

source: AllThingsD


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