Subatomic flips the script again and releases Fieldrunners HD on both Amazon and the Android Market

Subatomic flips the script again and releases Fieldrunners HD on both Amazon and the Android Market
Okay, let's try to follow this. It was always the dream of Subatomic Studios to release Fieldrunners HD on Android for free on day one, then bump the price to $2.99 after that. Unfortunately, the Android Market doesn't allow free apps to switch to paid, so the plan changed to Subatomic releasing the game for $1 on day one, then bump the price after that. Then, along came Amazon offering exactly what Subatomic wanted all along, free for launch day, but Amazon wanted a two week exclusivity period. Now, a week after the game was intended to launch on Android, both of those plans are happening. 

Subatomic didn't want to leave anyone out, so right now, if you live in the US (and you're not on AT&T) you can grab Fieldrunners HD from the Amazon Appstore for free. But, if you live outside of the US, you can get the game from the Amazon Market for $1. Of course, this still leaves out AT&T users who can't use the Amazon Appstore, but it's a good compromise. It does cause some confusion though, because if you live in the US, you can still find Fieldrunners in the Market, you just can't purchase it. 

However you plan to get it, Fieldrunners is a solid game, and certainly worth the money if you do have to pay for it. Especially considering that this HD version will be exclusive to Android, so bad luck for those iPhone retina display users. The game will jump to $2.99 starting tomorrow, and two weeks from now it will be available to US users through the Android Market. 

source: Droid Gamers
Android Market link (International users)


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