Study finds prepaid mobile users less likely to make and return phone calls

Study finds prepaid mobile users less likely to make and return phone calls
With so many prepaid providers offering so many competitive unlimited plans, it seems like customers may be using their service for other things rather than making phone calls. There is a new study that was conducted by the Aalto University School of Science and Technology in Finland that decided to look at the calling habits of 5.3 million people during a period of 18 months. All in all after 350 million calls later, they came up with one distinct conclusion – apparently it seems that prepaid cell phone users make and return fewer calls than the postpaid ones. The study was originally intended to analyze reciprocity which is the likelihood of an individual receiving as many calls in return as they make. On average there are 5.41 people that postpaid customers call as opposed to the 3.41 people prepaid users go through. It was even found that postpaid customers placed about 10 times as many calls as their prepaid counterparts. Aside from the various unlimited plans offered by no contract providers, there are still a myriad of calling plans that are based out of a pay-as-you-go rate – so it’d make sense for them to budget their calls because they may not have as many calling features like free nights and weekends.

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