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Steve Jobs' background file released by FBI

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Steve Jobs' background file released by FBI
The late Steve Jobs was characterized as being dishonest and deceptive in a just-released FBI file. The law enforcement agency was checking out the Apple co-founder for an appointment to the President's Export Council during the George Bush Sr. administration. The file also references a bomb threat made against the executive in 1985.

Certain things that would not be considered favorable to Jobs appeared in the file. It was noted that several individuals commented about his past drug use. Jobs' truthfulness was also under fire as the file noted that "Several individuals questioned Mr. Jobs' honesty stating that Mr. Jobs will twist the truth and distort reality in order to achieve his goals," stating later that, "[Redacted] advised that he has been acquainted with Mr. Jobs since [redacted]. He characterized Mr. Jobs as a deceptive individual who who is not completely forthright and honest."

A former friend of the late executive had some more harsh words to tell the FBI about Steve Jobs. The former friend felt "bitter" and "alienated" by Jobs and called his moral character "questionable". The same person says that Jobs has integrity as long as he gets his own way. A female was quoted in the file as being "reluctant to discuss the Appointee since she has questions concerning his ethics and his morality."

The file also has negative comments relating to Jobs' daughter born out of wedlock. The file notes that, "... in the past, Mr. Jobs was not supportive of [redacted] (the mother of his child born out of wedlock) and their daughter; however, recently has become supportive."

Those with experience in reading through FBI files said that it was unusual for so much derogatory background information to be contained in one FBI file. Of course, with the subject matter having passed away, we can't get his side of the story.

source: DocumentedCloud via electronista

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