Steve Ballmer singing own glory: "we've got the best-looking phones on the market"

Steve Ballmer singing own glory:

You have heard about Microsoft'seccentric CEO Steve Ballmer, haven't you? Well, what you might havemissed however is his latest statement on Windows Phone 7 devices:

“We've got the best-looking phoneson the market. We've got the greatest range of alternatives,the phones, the software, the craftsmanship. It is as good orbetter than anything out there. We have a lot of work to do. But,we're in the game. We sold 1.5 million into the carriers.”

Mr. Ballmer certainly shows someswagger defending Microsoft's less-than-three-month old mobileplatform and accompanying devices, but let's scrutinize his statementand see if it really matches reality. While “best-looking” mightbe a subjective matter, we feel that with just a few devices outthere “the greatest range” claim could easily be disputed.After all there are still no CDMA WP7 handsets and Androidrunning devices outnumber WP7 phones by a good margin. And eventhough Windows Phone 7 is definitely a legitimate contender in the OSrace, we feel that the lack of multi-tasking is hardly “betterthan anything out there.”

Well, even if Ballmer's statement mighthave outstretched proportions, 1.5 million devices sold by Microsoft to carriersis definitely a notable achievement. And with some important updates expected in the near future, we canonly hope to see stronger competition in smartphones, which wouldfinally bring even better handsets to us, the users.

source: USA Today via IntoMobile



1. Chris Steel unregistered

WP7 sucks. I own a AT&T store and I haven't been able to sell even a quarter of my WP7 stock. We have had our sales staff constantly push WP7 but our customers only want the iPhone, Android, or BB. I can't speak for how its doing across the US. I feel that maybe WP7 was a bit too late though.

2. dha4461616161 unregistered

correction you may own an authorized retailer of at&t but i assure you that you do not OWN an at&t store. How confident are your sellers with a windows phone 7 and have they been properly trained on the device. I think maybe it may be an issue with you and it trickles down your employees : )

3. Chris Steel unregistered

Are you dumb? Maybe in your world you let your sellers try to sell something without being trained but in the real world you train your employees before you let them sell a product. To answer your ridiculous question, yes they have been properly trained. I think the issue with WP7 is the issue I stated above. Being too late, remember? Run along.

4. David Acaveda unregistered

doesnt surprised me at all. i think windows phone 7 feels like a beta but since android is really taking off it doesnt surprise me that microsoft rushed it out

8. dha4461616161 unregistered

You’re the one saying you own an at&t store like you are ralph de la vega or something. No way you own an att store since it is a publicly traded company and not one person “owns” an att store. From my experiences the authorized retail locations (that’s what you would be) have a bunch of pimpled-face 17 year olds working there that know absolutely nothing about the product that they are selling : )

9. Chris Steel unregistered

So you ignore pretty much everything else I said and revert back to the fact that I said I own an AT&T. I know I don't actually own it. Let me make it more simple since you are having a brain aneurysm since I wasn't 100% proper. ME, RUN A STORE, THAT SELL AT&T PHONES. Hopefully now you can stop shitting bricks over what I said. Now on to the second part of your comment. Obviously my previous comment holds true. The part about you living in a world where salesmen/saleswomen aren't trained in the product they are selling. As I said before this is the real world. My staff is trained in the product. Stop being upset that my customers don't want Windows phones. I make plenty selling all my other stock :)

32. Loser unregistered

Chris Steel I am going to report you to your District manager.

40. Chris Steel unregistered

Go for it loser. Hahaha

10. Aaron B unregistered

lol are u a microsoft fanboy? the guy cant sell his windows phone7 phones. so what? seems to me like u are getting butt hurt because the truth wasnt completely positive.

11. steve jobs's tumor unregistered

You realize premium retailers require you to be atleast 18 right? Any reputable retailer demands their employees to require extensive training. I worked for a Verizon retailer and Verizon is atimate about making sure we were educated about the new products and policies. Even our managers were attending the courses along side us... From my experience with Windows operated phones, (3 smartphones) I'll never go back. Droids are that much better. As it was stated earlier, Windows is too far behind in the game; playing keep-up. The only intriguing feature to me is the games, gamerscore, and xbox live sync features.

30. komelo

Posts: 14; Member since: Jan 11, 2011

i doubt this comment......

5. 9021378415 unregistered

LOL? best looking phones? compared to what steve? i understand you are hyped about your product but i think saying you have the best looking phones is jumping the shark

6. tedkord

Posts: 17410; Member since: Jun 17, 2009

They have some very nice looking phones, marred by abutt ugly UI

7. Morgan Stacy unregistered

"We've got the greatest range of alternatives" Range? All WP7 are high end phones. Did Microsoft forget about the Low Range market and Mid Range market? So how can Microsoft have the greatest range of alternatives? I call BS.

12. N.Reynolds unregistered

WP7 Simply sucks. Android IMO is best followed by iOS then BB. I wont even put WP7 in my rankings.

13. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

It's his dumb ego. and don't realize how big a market share ANDROID is getting. Now AT&T have 3 new 4G HPSA+ phones coming out this QTR and they will sell more than Windows 7 phone. just glad I never bought any of their old or new ones cause the hardware and software simply sucks.

14. Proteo unregistered

Yeah the best OS without multitasking, user ringtones(! in 2011!), without support in many different countries in Eu and beyond..

15. Androids_for_babies unregistered

WP7 is simple and made for people with work to do, not play games and sideload useless apps. Of course kids are not going to like it but if you're over 27 you probably care more about function than games and apps. Blackberry has the best operating system, hands down. Anyone who has used more than one OS and has had a Blackberry can tell you that. The OS is easy to navigate, apps update quick, doesn't freeze up or get weird. Email comes through immediately and Blackberry Desktop allows easy backup and sync. Android is the best? Compared to what, your old LG flip phone? Android is garbage - jumpy, glitchy and sometimes just plain unresponsive. I sold my BB Bold to try out a Motorola with android installed - what crap...and the email takes forever. Probably great for kids but if you're got work to do and need function you're screwed. Android is like the housing market in Phoenix, AZ - lots of people moved there for new affordable housing, realized it sucked and then left as soon as they could sell their houses and the city is crumbling now. All the new Android users are on contracts now and we'll see how Android retains market share once those contracts are up in another year or so. I bet they drop like a rock in 2012.

16. bmw3wags

Posts: 15; Member since: Mar 15, 2009

What do you mean WP7 is not for games...Why the hell would they put XBOX live on it then also just because of of that i know plenty of people that I go college with that would like to have a WP7 just becuase of that integration..... So I disagree about WP7 being for people that are 27 or older... I think people are just uneducated about WP7 and most people bashing it have never even touched a WP7 device so they are being completely ignorant saying what is better without testing.... I think the main thing holding this back is the crappy at&t and t-moble network they should have launched with CDMA support.

21. Syksyd

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

I have had every os except ios and i must say your preception of BB having the best os is hilarious, that platform is so slow, every BB freezes for no reason and they still cant get their web browsers to the level of ios or android.....BB and WP7 are both garbage

25. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

i don't know what cracks me up the most either the name you added to post this garbage or the your message... now to the facts -BB has a fairly stable OS but it yet really far to be considered the best OS around... its sluggish and lets be serious THE SETTINGS ARE A PAIN -windows phone 7... for business only? says who? WP7 works pretty well for the gamer and the social user..... -android a fail? a super sluggish OS? what you bought? an used click on eBay? I've been having android on my last few purchases and i can say i have nothing to be ashamed of, my phone responds well... its does what i tell it to do when i tell it to do it and my phone is not even a hight end phone.... I wonder how may here are stuck with an unwanted android purchase waiting for their contracts to be done... the line of "unsatisfied people" is so large that SE decided to focus on producing more android devices....

27. android 4 babies is dumb unregistered

what wp7 is a piece of crap and doesn't have any advanced features android has root and smart people can do a lot with it must be you dint make the cut sorry but no way is it for babies ceo made a horrible choice and canceling out the kin and releasing wp7 with a kin like database fail thats what you get when a loser steals stuff and puts it out as his fail fail fail karma coming around steve ... we want bill back ....

17. Patryk unregistered

All the CEO of any, I mean any, always said something nice, even it not nice. That the fact, it is especially during the earning season. Period.

18. DontHateOnS60

Posts: 872; Member since: Apr 20, 2009

Hahaha, I beg to differ. Nokia has the best looking phones on the market. Always has.

22. Syksyd

Posts: 63; Member since: Apr 16, 2010

Nokia is the shit.....cant wait for the N9....Meego will smash all platforms when offically launched

19. rocky unregistered

it's so funny how people get excited about phones and opperating systems and companies I cant see why people get so bent out of shape about something like a phone. A phone is not anything serious we all can buy a phone every wweek if we wanted. Something for $500 or $600 bucks should not get people so excited.

20. bb sucks balls unregistered

to android for babies. bb is the worse os ever. slow, 624 mhz on torch, 16,000 apps and games, ugly ui, bad cameras, no front facing cameras, no 4g, no freedom. android has 1 ghz plus processors including dual core. great cameras, beautiful ui, fast, 4g, 140,000 apps and games. android has record growths and blackberry is doomed. 1.2 ghz in september, dual core will rule

23. krycek1984 unregistered

We went to the local Radio Shack yesterday to look at the Samsung Focus and they had no WP7 devices available to even try/play with. They said they haven't been able to keep up with demand.

24. ATTSalesGuyMD unregistered

I also am a manager at an At&t store...I use my WP7 phone more for every day tasks than I use my Android now. I use my Android when I have time to sit down and play with my phone, games, video, etc. WP7 is GREAT as ADVERTISED for being something SIMPLE that you dont have to spend allot of time with....which was the point of the OS in the first place. Dont get me wrong, I thought the WP7 was going to be a flop and a waste of time, before it was released and now Im VERY surprised that it works as well as it does and it is being used as my main day time phone. To the manager that CANT sell WP7....Your staff sucks as does your training and you may want me to come out and teach your people how to qualify customers and offer solutions to them instead of just being cashiers that are ringing up people that say "GIVE ME iPhone, Give ME DROID!". If you can't sell WP7 to people over BB then you are a terrible sales team.....just saying. WP7 is PERFECT for people that want a smartphone but dont have weeks to learn how to operate it. It has more multimedia options and runs better than BB and is much simpler than Android for NON-smartphone type of people OR for people buying their FIRST smartphone and want a phone that does EVERYTHING but in a very easy to learn way. Im glad im not a customer coming to that store....little old ladies are probably being sold Captivates and S**t....

29. Jon21 unregistered

Actually I'm an AT&T sales associate and I also have a hard time selling Windows Phone 7. I agree with the earlier poster that it is a little late and that is why its hard to sell. Most people don't know what it is and most people consider it to be shit since WinMo 6.5 was. It's obvious you have a hard on for Windows Phone 7 since somebody said they aren't selling you automatically say "oh it must be you, or it must be your training or it must be your staff". Give it a rest. Wp7 is hard to sell. Live with it. I'm glad you aren't my manager. You are probably one of those managers that doesn't know what they are talking about half the time they open their mouth.

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