Stephen Elop's live Q&A session – Nokia brand won't be used for long, and other interesting bits

Stephen Elop's live Q&A session – Nokia brand won't be used for long, and other interesting bits

On his first day as an Executive VP ofMicrosoft Devices, Stephen Elop sat down for a forty minute open chatsession. During the time, Elop reflected on his past at Nokia, thepresent “identity crisis” which dwells on Nokia and Microsoftfollowing the successful acquisition of the former's mobile business,and the future of both companies as one. 

We also sat down and picked the former NokiaCEO's most interesting answers. In short, Elop feels no remorse forhis tenure at the Finnish company, confirmed that “work isunderway” on coming up with a new smartphone brand, and admittedhis favorite Lumia phone is the upcoming 930. Nothing groundbreaking,but we definitely appreciate the insight.

On the rumors and uncertaintysurrounding the Nokia trademark post-Microsoft merger:

On whether Nokia will continue toinnovate mobile technology as it did with the Lumia line:

On the future of the much hyped, andrather disappointing Nokia X line:

On when will we get the first Microsoftbranded smartphone and more branding issues:

On the future of Nokia Mixradio, NokiaTV, Nokia Camera apps, and other Nokia apps in Lumia phones:

On Elop's favorite Windows Phoneapps:

Asked bluntly whether Nokia phonesrunning Android is a good idea:

On whether he has any regrets afterserving as Nokia's CEO:

On the possibility of Microsoftproducts becoming as colorful as Lumia devices:

On being accused of "killingNokia":

On his favorite Lumia phone:

On being "awarded" aMicrosoft Trojan at Nokia:

On adding more languages to the WP 8.1swipe keyboard:

source: NokiaConversations



46. -box-

Posts: 3991; Member since: Jan 04, 2012

Anyone else thinking that Surface might wind up being the brand name? Though Surface Lumia sounds odd, and One is likely out.

56. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

While Amazon may not like it, the next line of tablets from Microsoft won't be called "Surface". The new name is "Windle". And the phone is the "Windle Jr." :)

43. shyguy3763

Posts: 52; Member since: Oct 27, 2013

Maybe if the next gen windows phones turn out to be awesome,which I think they should with all the cash flow from Microsoft,this sounds like a win-win situation to me,eagerly awaiting the new 'Windows Lumia"line.

41. Loubielou

Posts: 603; Member since: Jul 11, 2012

THe Smiths Sing to Mr Elop "Please Shut Your Mouth" as All you take is a Load of Rubbish an been the Worse Person Ever to Join the Techinical Section,You Know nothing What consumers want on there Smartphones,an Your Companion name is Still not as Popular than Apple or Nokia,Microsoft will never be able to Reach the Success that Apple have Had,an i wish the Board of Nokia would not have let Microsoft never have any chance of Over Taking Them

37. number29

Posts: 185; Member since: Jan 25, 2013

People seem to forget that Motorola tanked when they went Android and BB tanked by sticking with their own old OS. What makes anyone thinking that Nokia switching to Android or sticking with one of their old OSes would be a good idea?! History tells us it's a terrible idea to do either (unless you're Samsung or Apple!).

39. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

but see unlike Motorola Nokia throughout time Nokia was always beating them and Nokia had over 50% customer loyalties at the time Symbian which was similar to android would have been fine by them but non of them wanted windows phones as it was a step down from Symbian and unlike Motorola Nokia had a brand new home grow os that was young and had potential so nokia had so many cards to play and instead they played one and threw the rest out literally !

40. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

Yes because before MS stepped in, Nokia was selling millions of smartphones that were competitive with iOS or Droid. No they were not, the N9 was but came to late and had it's own issues. How many hundreds of thousands of apps did Symbian have running on it by 2011? Apps that made ios and droid famous? You can call Symbian smartphones but in reality Symbian os has been around for ages, any sale of Symbian was lumped into 'smartphone'. Reality was that Nokia was loosing the battle. No other company wanted Nokia OS's, Cisco walked away from Symbian, Samsung, Sony, LG walked away from MeeGo. Only in planet crazy can anyone look and say Nokia would have came out ahead in an already established market of droids.

50. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

tbh we've gone over this in 5 articles so far symbian was still the highest selling os at the time to axe it completely was stupid it was dominating the low end market of smartphones and you shouldve just let it slowly die out while makinng money and even after symbian was axed it out sold windows phone fun fact can't remember the article but symbian had the most downloaded apps even though it's app store wasn't big ! and because other companies walked way that product is bad now ? nokia would've been in a better place now if they didn't just rely on windows phone which was less mature and smart then symbian and meego !

44. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

No...Moto tanked....right before going Android....Android saw them get popular again....make some sales...but they never really recovered from right before pre Android. Thats what people dont seem to remember...

45. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

And it seems Elop was scared to compete directly with Samsung. I dont know if I like the sound of that...its like he has no confidence in his product. No wonder Nokia, WP fans repeat comes from the man himself... Wild thing is.....either way Nokia is still competing with Samsung. Samsung has WP phones.... Nokia is winning big in WP land....but vs Samsung with Android.....its a different story.

52. 0xFFFF

Posts: 3806; Member since: Apr 16, 2014

Elop said the right things for his real mission. He said the things that his masters at Microsoft whispered in his ear. He knew going with Android would be a win for Nokia, but a loss for Microsoft. And he wanted the $25M that Microsoft had waiting for him. Elop is nothing more than a corporate hit man for hire, a specialized assassin who kills businesses. No wonder he is a pilot and has a plane. Sometimes a quick exit is necessary after he does his dirty deeds.

54. papss unregistered

I'm laugh Iaughing at your speculating with no real proof.. link to prove it please? No physical proof? Oh okay thanks

31. Liveitup

Posts: 1798; Member since: Jan 07, 2014

Yeah you can't reason with ignorance, they are stuck in their ways. As you said Google bought Motorola for patents then sold it to Lenovo a foreign company.Microsoft bought part of Nokia and are making American smartphones, only them and Apple yet they bash those who are committed and give those who just discarded an American after getting the patents a pass, all in the name of fanboyism.

27. NokiaFTW

Posts: 2072; Member since: Oct 24, 2012

Lumia brand doesn't matter to me. I might not even get a Nokia/MS powered WP if HTC release a WP version of the M8. And regarding the hate and cursing towards Elop, he was already trying the save a sinking ship. Nokia were already going downhill with an outdated OS i.e. Symbian. Their profits were going down. And regarding him adopting WP, it wasn't his decision alone. The entire Nokia board and shareholders also agreed on that decision. Personally I think it was great adopting a stylish and fresh looking OS rather than following the competition. Even if he had chosen Android, there wasn't any guarantee of them succeeding as Samsung were having control of that market. I know many people who wouldn't buy a Nokia phone at all, even if it had Android. One can look at HTC & Motorola as examples of companies who have failed or are failing with Android. Even though Motorola are making a comeback, they still have been sold twice. And HTC are almost on the verge of going bankrupt. So I request you'll to stop hating on Elop and concentrate and look forward to the future of Nokia & WP with Microsoft's support and money.

30. elitewolverine

Posts: 5192; Member since: Oct 28, 2013

They wont listen to reason. They think he was some dark evil force that sucked out the brains of people with more smarts than most here will ever have. One can only look to Moto, stripped of even its patents, at least MS gave Nokia that much. Who owns moto now? google? Lenovo....;)

36. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

MS didn't buy moto because they wanted to keep the price down ! they said themselves before in an earlier article !

38. microsoftnokiawin

Posts: 1268; Member since: Mar 30, 2012

sorry whole of nokia* not moto !

47. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

"One can only look to Moto, stripped of even its patents, at least MS gave Nokia that much. Who owns moto now? google? Lenovo....;)" Google is making their modular phone - they need the patents for it. Second, MS got a non exclusive license to Nokia's patents, not ownership.

53. jroc74

Posts: 6023; Member since: Dec 30, 2010

....The deal with Lenovo included letting Moto use, keep patents with no problems, hurdles. Google still has shares in Motorola....they still have their hands in. Them selling Motorola is more like having 2 good players on a team...but they play the same position..with really room for one. What do you do....try to keep both...knowing either one can shine, start elsewhere or do you try to further one of their career's along by releasing, trading one? There were record deals done the same way....the producer, record label contact decided to let the artist go elsewhere because staying would have hampered their growth as the producer, record label contact had their hands full with other projects. Even if that artist goes on to be a huge success elsewhere...its a win-win for all. Or sports trades where both teams involved wind up with great players, players that contribute to their new team's success.. Win-win for all.

26. 7thspaceman

Posts: 1597; Member since: Feb 14, 2011

The Lumia line will remain but Microsoft already has the "Surface line" and could start Marketing a Surface smartphone. Microsoft should start doing the Surface smart phone line immediately so People can get familiar with them over the years. Microsoft should also create a new line of cheaper Smart phones and tablets called Astron, LaserBlast., Executive, or some other Name because it's the cheaper lumia 520/525 Windows smart phones that are making the Windows 8 Phones top selling mark. Microsoft needs to bring out a Windows 8.1 cheap Atom based colorful polycarbonate case line of tablets. the trouble MS is having selling Windows 8.1 Tablets using Intel i5 CPU and i7 CPU's is the costs to produce them is high compared to an ARMS CPU tablet like those used in a Nokia 2520 or the New surface 2 RT OS tablets. I do not Envy Microsoft. they have a big challenge. MS has the Guts and money to give it a GO. I am curious as to how all this will play out for them and I wish MS and all parties involved the best of luck

25. GeorgeDao123

Posts: 432; Member since: Aug 20, 2013

Good job, Elop. If you decided to dump Symbian to go for Android, Nokia fans, I mean Symbian fans, might feel better to switch. And perhaps there is no acquision at the moment. Once again, you did an extremely good job. It took Nokia twenty years to become the king, and you just needed five years to dump Nokia. Hopefully, you won't even dump Microsoft in future.

23. corporateJP

Posts: 2458; Member since: Nov 28, 2009

This little sit-down proves nothing than what has already been said about this guy. Nokia may have been in trouble before Elop, but the only thing he did once he took over was made it easier for M$ to take over on the cheap. Don't be fooled, the board was on the take from M$ as well. Elop came in and sold it to everyone with a load of voting shares. The last Nokia shareholder meeting was a stone-throwing expo because of Elop and the Board...people were pissed. I'm good with my Windows Phone, until it dies, then it's Nokia, no bueno...

32. SemperFiV12

Posts: 949; Member since: Nov 09, 2010

well good luck with it dying... my old Lumia 900 was given to my father - aka destroyer of all technology - and it is still alive and well. I actually see many first gen Lumias still around!

22. mokhtar

Posts: 405; Member since: Jan 06, 2014

i just bought a nokia lumia 1020 ..i can tell you this phone is just incredible .. so higher than s4 or s5 , i5s , or this shi**s .. ( i have z1 too ) , he has louder speaker than samsung phone , best camera , incredible desing and feeling , windows ? windows phone is amazing i was afraid at the beggining but it's awsome really , i like it so so so much even i put my z1 i don't use it at all NOKIA , SONY , HTC ..BEST IN THE MARKET ..

21. papss unregistered

I can't wait to se what they come up with in the future. As long as the phones are of equal or better quality I could give a rat's as$ of the name... Would I rather look at one of 500 same generic fronts of a SS device or look at a lumia only without the Nokia name.. hmmm yeah it's not a hard decision

19. Arunshaw

Posts: 2; Member since: Mar 23, 2014

Well two things confirm by seeing this conversation:- 1)Microsoft will not using nokia's name in there future devices. 2)W.P devices doesn't have mix radio,pro cam and etc. Apps which people likes more Nokia is responsible for growth and use of windows os people buy's phone some time only by seeing the logo of nokia cause people know how much reputation have nokia in the microsoft is taking bad descision for removing the name of nokia from devices

18. sprockkets

Posts: 1612; Member since: Jan 16, 2012

Thanks for proving you always were and still are full of sht.

15. CX3NT3_713

Posts: 2365; Member since: Apr 18, 2011

To me it doesn't matter,whether they keep the Nokia brand or come up with something else, as long as they keep the good built quality, and camera

12. androidwpios

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 28, 2014

OK elop says they went to WP because Samsung dominate android. OK they will take time make there own skin like touchwiz and HTC skin etc...and so many ppl hate skins prefer stock android or skin close to it. Nokia will known in term of design and technology. They can start with stock android and few tweaks Like Motorola. Imagien with me lumia 1020 power by android. The worst thing happen to nokia after iPhone is elop.

14. RaKithAPeiRiZ

Posts: 1488; Member since: Dec 29, 2011

im sure if Nokia went with Android in 2011 when they had the chance , they could have kept the ovi store , the famous meego icon style ,the nokia font instead of obeying strict rules of WP

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