Stephen Elop's live Q&A session – Nokia brand won't be used for long, and other interesting bits

Stephen Elop's live Q&A session – Nokia brand won't be used for long, and other interesting bits

On his first day as an Executive VP ofMicrosoft Devices, Stephen Elop sat down for a forty minute open chatsession. During the time, Elop reflected on his past at Nokia, thepresent “identity crisis” which dwells on Nokia and Microsoftfollowing the successful acquisition of the former's mobile business,and the future of both companies as one. 

We also sat down and picked the former NokiaCEO's most interesting answers. In short, Elop feels no remorse forhis tenure at the Finnish company, confirmed that “work isunderway” on coming up with a new smartphone brand, and admittedhis favorite Lumia phone is the upcoming 930. Nothing groundbreaking,but we definitely appreciate the insight.

On the rumors and uncertaintysurrounding the Nokia trademark post-Microsoft merger:

On whether Nokia will continue toinnovate mobile technology as it did with the Lumia line:

On the future of the much hyped, andrather disappointing Nokia X line:

On when will we get the first Microsoftbranded smartphone and more branding issues:

On the future of Nokia Mixradio, NokiaTV, Nokia Camera apps, and other Nokia apps in Lumia phones:

On Elop's favorite Windows Phoneapps:

Asked bluntly whether Nokia phonesrunning Android is a good idea:

On whether he has any regrets afterserving as Nokia's CEO:

On the possibility of Microsoftproducts becoming as colorful as Lumia devices:

On being accused of "killingNokia":

On his favorite Lumia phone:

On being "awarded" aMicrosoft Trojan at Nokia:

On adding more languages to the WP 8.1swipe keyboard:

source: NokiaConversations


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