Stealth-platforming game Stealth Inc. for iOS gets discounted to $1.99, at no expense of shadow-lurking

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Stealth Inc. is a stealth platforming game for iOS, made by Curve Studios. It's actually a port of the studio's original multi-platform game, titled Stealth Bastard Deluxe: Tactical Espionage Arsehole. Obviously, such a colorful set of words won't fly with Apple's pristine App Store policies, hence the subtle name change. Meanwhile, Microsoft published the game for Windows simply as Stealth Bastard. And Sony, too, chose Stealth Inc. for the PS3 and Vita ports. Yikes! Anyway, the game sells for $1.99 (£1.49) today, which is half of what it usually costs in the App Store.

In Stealth Inc, the player becomes a clone who must escape a brooding military facility, armed only with "his wits" and a pair of night-vision goggles. This is not a horror game, but merely a zany platformer that oozes over-the-top cartoon violence and military tropes by the buckets. Stealth Inc's levels are full of traps, contraptions, or straight-up hardcore platforming challenges that could eviscerate your character in a split-second. Luckily, you are not a single clone, but one of many ready to continue sneaking past deadly lasers, crushing walls, and security systems after the previous one has met a ridiculously gruesome fate.

Stealth Inc. needs a "newer" iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iOS 4.3 or later to run. Grab it from the link below if you like it.

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