Start your car with NFC in your phone? Not until 2015

Start your car with NFC in your phone? Not until 2015
There are a ton of uses for NFC that we haven't seen yet, because the industry is so laser focused on getting mobile payments off the ground, but if you've ever dreamed of being able to use your smartphone to unlock or start your car with just a tap, that is coming. But, not until around 2015.

We've already got cars like the Toyota Prius that doesn't need to have a key physically inserted into the car, it just uses RFID to know when the key is inside the car, and allows the car to start only then. But, the tap-and-go option of NFC could be a nice way to make it work as well. The new Hyundai Connectivity Concept wants to give you that option. The trouble is that the Hyundai isn't planned for production until 2015. The concept car would also include an inductive charging pad like the Toyota Avalon that we saw recently. 

This would make for a more convenient option than the current smartphone apps that require Internet connectivity to transmit through and get a satellite relay to then open your car or start it up. Although, the app option does have the added benefit that a friend or family member would be able to unlock your car for you remotely if you lose your phone or key. 

source: Left Lane via pocketnow

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