Sprint's new iPhone Forever plan will ensure you're always rocking the current-gen iPhone for $22/m

Sprint's new iPhone Forever plan will ensure you're always rocking the current-gen iPhone for $22/m
Earlier today, Sprint announced a 22-month lease plan that allows customers to keep updated to the latest smartphone, but only as long as it's an iPhone. Called iPhone Forever, the new plan will guarantee that the customer is always using the latest iPhone model for $22 a month. Obviously, that's on top of your current plan. For Sprint subscribers on the $60 individual plan with unlimited data, talk, and text, the deal is available for $82 a month.

Sprint - now the fourth largest carrier in the US by subscriber count - will allow customers on the new iPhone for Life plan to upgrade to a new version of the Apple iPhone as long as they're rocking an older version. If you're highly efficient with the plan and upgrade yearly, Sprint's will basically offer a new iPhone for $264 a year, assuming that Apple continues to launch new iPhone models about once a year. However, one caveat is that customers will never actually own the device, will have to pay for broken handsets, and will have to give their current device back or pay it off when/if canceling their Sprint agreement.

To encourage switchers, Sprint is running a time-limited promotion that allows customers to trade in any working phone and join the plan for just $15 a month. Customers can upgrade to the upcoming iPhone 6S series until December 31 and keep the $10 savings until the next upgrade. Sprint's announcement of the new plan is timed very close to Apple's rumored September 9th unveiling of the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, which will probably ensure that at least some iPhone 6 units are scheduled to be coming off shelves in the upcoming month. 

Since any working phone can be traded in, and you're saving at least $120 on the long run, prospective customers of the iPhone Forever plan should consider taking advantage of the promotion. 

Note that this offer applies for the 16GB version of the iPhone 6. Leasing a 32GB or 128GB version or any version of the iPhone 6 Plus will increase the monthly payment.

What do you guys of Sprint's new iPhone Forever plan? Are you the type of customer who's looking for a long-term relationship with Apple's iPhone series?

source: Sprint via Apple Insider

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