Sprint's LTE network might be already up and running in some markets

Sprint's LTE network might be already up and running in some markets
After recently crashing in PCWorld’s comprehensive 4G/3G nationwide test, Sprint is in dare need to repair its image and offer faster speeds and 4G LTE can’t come any sooner. The carrier has announced that service in Kansas City and Baltimore will go live around mid-2012, but it seems that a couple of the markets the Now Network is testing might have already quietly gone live.

A leaked internal document shows that Sprint’s Network Vision effort has been alive and well in Akron, Chicago, Fort Worth, Nashville, New York, Rialto and Stockton since late 2011. Add to that rumors that at least one Sprint LTE market is live and the fact that the carrier is expected to launch the $99 LG Viper, its first 4G LTE handset, on April 22nd, and you get nearly a confirmation that Sprint is on track with 4G development. 

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is also launching on Sprint come April 22nd, but the true 4G LTE flagship should be the EVO 4G LTE arriving later in Q2. In either case, check out the table showing how quickly Sprint is moving with LTE in the aforementioned markets.



24. rockstarlive

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I guess no liked my comment. It was erased

15. Markizzle21

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Off topic but does anyone know of a sure way without rooting an HTC EVO OG to get the MSL code. Im sick of their slow ass service and would like to get verizon 3g

19. Cwebb

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Just call Sprint and ask it. I've done it probably 3 times and they've given it to me each time. But be careful, any roaming over 300MBs will and you will receive a letter telling you to stop or they terminate your contract. On the flip side, it's the cheapest way to get off a contract you don't want! (experience)

13. johamsandwich

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I live in Stockton. Sprint's reception still sucks. I'm upgrading to the HTC EVO LTE so I'm hoping the reception will be better.

7. pbui.818

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In this case, it could just as easily be typos and a lack of proofing.

5. SprintPower

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"can't come sooner"? - Did you mean 'can't come too soon'? @networkdood - yeah, pretty sure he meant 'dire'. Let's not be too hard on him, English is probably his second language.

6. pbui.818

Posts: 78; Member since: Feb 06, 2012

or "can't come soon enough" I challenge the notion that we shouldn't be too hard on him just because English is his second language. He seems intelligent enough and he can only get better if someone helps him discover his weaknesses. There's a popular sense that proper grammar is nonessential and correct vocabulary is unnecessary. I find it much more difficult to precisely understand advanced concepts when words are conflated. Encouraging proper grammar and proper vocabulary encourages better long-term understanding and enables research and innovation. Education in the US has de-emphasized language standards but emerging economies are investing in language communications, math and science.

8. Ihateknowitalls

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and who the F are you??? you think your just the right person to correct people. Let me guess- a middle age, balding, over weight white person with a gut hanging out... did I get it right??? anyway I hate "know it alls" next time you feel privilidge to go on an correct somebody, just remember to shut your trap because no one gives a F. Y don't you go an bank your sweaty palms watching pornos instead of trolling correcting people? what a D-Bag!!!!

10. MAS10X

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Yes, because correcting people over grammatical errors is way worse than trolling people based on a biased hate of "know-it-alls". pbui.818 go back to your house and continue to be an educated person and not listen to a person who is trying to be superior while being clearly inferior.

11. Sniggly

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You're* Overweight* Privileged* And* Why* And* You're welcome.

12. iamcc

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17. parkwaydr

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"no one gives an f" well it seems you give a major f, seeing as you were so quick to go off on two different people, over some messed up spelling I believe that makes you a, how did you put it..... oh yeah, D-BAG

4. laheelahee

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Los Angeles....?

3. alekso9

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Kansas City!!

2. networkdood

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'Sprint is in dare need...' You mean DIRE - right?

9. Ihateknowitalls

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congrats you caught a grammar problem on a article that was probably written on his smartphone in less than 2 min. Feel better D-BAG???

16. ZEUS.the.thunder.god unregistered

"an article"

1. PimpStrong

Posts: 310; Member since: Jul 25, 2011

Great, Kansas City will have LTE from all 3 carriers before T-Mobile gets HSPA+ 42 here. I'm proud of my city for getting great attention from the networks though.


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

I am in NYC, and I can say that I have gotten 1mb up and 1mb down on 3 g. I have been saying all along the people jumping ship may be jumping just a bit too soon. The EVO One X 4G LTE will have HD voice and simultaneous voice data and LTE. The Now Network will leap ahead with this superior HD voice SVDO technology. Now all I have to do is determine whether to get the Nexus or the EVO, or wait for better by years end. Sprint will have 1900, 800, and 2500 mhz LTE bands....yeah baby!

18. Cwebb

Posts: 501; Member since: Oct 05, 2011

One problem with that theory: It doesn't come on the "new iPhone," and not many people use voice enough, nor will it be that big of a difference to most. I'm with you and love Sprint through the thick and thin, but I don't don't think that's the answer. If not, more bandwidth for us as long as they don't go bankrupt!

20. Nonono

Posts: 22; Member since: Mar 26, 2012

unfortunately the galaxy nexus and ove 4glte will only support lte in the 1900mhz band.... the 800 band is being used for iDen services which are being decommissioned and will get lte by the end of 2013. The 2500 band will remain wimaxx until the end of 2014 early 2015 when sprint will switch to lte advanced


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

That may be true However; The GN will still function on the 1900mhz LTE, bandwidth. That will still be functional. From what I gather sprint will have 800, 1900 and 2500 LTE spectrum you should be excited because LTE advance won't kill the GN, and it will still work on the 1900 frequency untill LTE advance is every where by 2014. With the way new phones hit the streets the LTE GN will not be near as good as the LTE Advanced HD SVDO phones will be in the near future. You should be truly excited for sure to have this, and unlimited data, which can be grand fathered in for all the patient people that wait. Don't forget that no other carrier has LTE Advance so Sprint may be late but is poised to surpasss them all with LTE Advance and HD voice by 2014 end and SVDO. Verizon doesn't have HD voice or any HD voice phones. iPhone will eventually have this on Sprint as well! AT&T needs to get WCDMA to have LTE Advance work because of the 700MHZ frequency that they have; Which I hear doesn't work with LTE Advance, and I hear they need to develop WCDMA to get this off the ground....they will fall behind Sprint in LTE Advance deployment if this is true! There is a thread about this on 4GSRU in carrier LTE comparison!

22. jenna_23

Posts: 145; Member since: Apr 02, 2010

if u ask me both at&ts and verizons LTE is better because it runs on the lower 700mhz band. Lower band means better reception inside buildings it sucks that sprint is launching LTE in the higher 1900, 2500 , 800 bands . I have friends on at&t and verizon which cant get a 3G signal in some buildings cuz from what i heard verizon also uses the 1900 or 850 mhz band for 3G but they can get a strong 4G LTE signal on both at&t and verizon since they use the lower 700 band while sprint absolutely gets no service on both 3G and wimax 4G. Hd voice well i dont really care because on my droid razr maxx which i dnt really like that much i get AWESOME voice quality no static at all and calls sound loud and clear i sometimes have to put the volume down same thing with my friends at&t galaxy note it sounds amazing loud and clear no static at all we both have compared our phones with out other friends who have sprint evo 3D, sprint iphone 4S , sprint galaxy s2 they all sound horrible with static voice crackles it sounds like the other person is underwater no wonder sprint needs hd voice calling cuz there call quality they have now sucks at&t and verizon dont need it cuz they sound great oh i also forgot i tested out phones on t-mobile and they also all had waaay better call quality than sprint..


Posts: 1461; Member since: Mar 09, 2010

You might want to go to SG4RU and learn what you don't know. Opinion never supersedes facts on a subject. Sprint will have a superior system if you do the research based on fact's not opinion. There is a thread on this in SG4RU in carrier LTE comparison! If AT&T can bond their 700 mhz LTE with their 850 MHZ they may have a winner in the future, but we shall see if they can do this, because there is said to be interference. This interference will set AT&T behind Sprint, and Verizon until they can figure this out HSPA will not be going any where for quite a while. Not to mention Sprint has been rolling out Network vision in the last year so I can tell you until last July here in NY things were fine until rolling LOS happened all across America. BY 2014 LTE Advance will be completing for Sprint; while AT&T will be trying to catch up according to the 4GSRU thread. HD voice is in action in the EU, and Sprint will be the 1st to offer it in the US by the end of 2014. The people at the press conference swore there is a difference between HD voice and regular CDMA voice quality. I had AT&T in the past when they were mobile trends then Cellular one, and bought into now what is AT&T. Dropped calls and ghosting, which is faint to echo reverbs in the transmission caused me to go to Sprint. My sisters iPhone is always dropping when she calls me on AT&T!

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