Sprint will launch several new phones in April

Sprint will launch several new phones in April
*UPDATED* BlackBerry information

About a year and four months ago, Sprint announced its plans to use Qualcomm’s Qchat platform to provide push-to-talk services on their Sprint PCS CDMA network. Currently, the #3 operator offers the popular Nextel Walkie-Talkie feature, and the Qchat will enable them to offer similar option on the EV-DO Revision A network, as well as interoperability with the Nextel service.

All devices covered here will be launched April 16th:

Images of one of the first such devices – LG LX400 were already seen in the wild, and now we have more details on it. The device (and probably the service – will confirm this later) will be available April 16th, and has Suggested Retail Price of $279.99. The actual prices on all devices will be definitely a lot lower!

The second device to be launched is the slim clamshell Sanyo PRO-200 Direct Connect capable! Its SRP price is $249.99.

Sanyo PRO-700, which was approved yesterday by FCC, has SRP price of $269.99 and it is also Direct Connect capable. The rugged headset meets Military Specification 810F for dust, shock and vibration and has Bluetooth.

Sprint is expected to launch the BlackBerry Curve 8330 Titanium. The CDMA variant of the Curve (which is offered by both AT&T and T-Mobile) will be similar in features and design, a small smartphone with trackball, camera and memory card slot.

The last new device is the Sanyo Katana LX, which will be offered in Blue, Pink and Black. The direct replacement of Katana II is a low-end device which offers just the extreme basics – VGA camera and Bluetooth in the typical for Katana design language.

For those using PC cards for Internet access, Sierra Wireless is prepping the 597 model, which is supposed to be 70% smaller compared to AC595U and microSD memory card reading functionality as well.



1. Ben unregistered

What about the samsung m800 or u940? any news on those?

2. ryan unregistered

yeah really no m800? ...that must mean the samsung m800 won't come out till AFTER april 16th...

3. Horpor unregistered

I think it's Sanyo Katana IX, meaning Sanyo Katana 3 (just using Roman numerals).

4. Nino unregistered

It says a titanium version of the curve 8830? The 8830 is already out and you link to it. So I'm assuming the curve is not the phone you are talking about.

5. unregistered

IX = 9 not 3 :)

6. Darkness unregistered

i have to agree with #2, VERIZON does rule! Verizon is the best carrier out there! Well, at least here in the U.S., and we all know that the U.S. is the only country that really matters. I mean come on, We're the world's only Superpower! U.S.A. all the way! huuaaaaahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaahhhhhaaaaahhahahahahahahhhhaaaaaahh! (AN EVEN MORE EVIL LAUGH!)

7. Steven unregistered

Nino: He's talking about the 8330 Curve, not the 8800. We're finally getting the Curve on CDMA! Wahoo!

8. unregistered

people hate america for the same reason they hate when their team loses. they dont like not being on the winning team. everyone wants to win. other than that, i think #7 was just being funny. dont be such a libby #8! :D back to cell phones.. verizon rules, spring drools!! so, how many people have nextel? how many people dont realize their nextel phones probably wont work after june! bye bye sprint!

9. Coppock unregistered

Hey #4 the roman numeral IX DOES NOT stand for the # 3 that roman numeral would be the # 8... III is the roman numeral for 3

10. Coppock unregistered

sorry IX = 9

11. Rep unregistered

Verizion has horrible credit checks and pre 3g service >.> that negates how much it rules i fink. Sprint nights = 7pm = 2400mins a month > you face!

12. unregistered

#5 Actually they do mean the curve because it isn't out for sprint or on any CDMA network for that matter

13. unregistered

as soon as the xperia comes out, i'm gone for good from sprint and there crappy cust service or lack there of

14. rob21i unregistered

Sprint is horrible. No wonder they lost 800,000 customers in the 4th quarter. It will probably be 1 million this quarter.

15. Nino unregistered

#15. They changed that area about the Curve. I know it is suppose to come out soon

16. VZWRep unregistered

...you probably think Verizon Wireless has horrible credit checks because you couldn't get approved w/out a deposit! I know, it's just so AWFUL that a company prefers to have customers who have a better chance at paying their bills!

17. Curious. unregistered

Does anybody know anything about when that new phone comes out....the black and silver slide phone, similar to the rumor but its not the rumor...if you could help that would be great. thanks.

18. Rep unregistered

They didn't even run my credit i got a 680 so it doesnt make any sense at all. Not like i can't pay it buy why would i

19. stuntz unregistered

a 400 dollar deposit is nuts when sprint gives me 3 lines no deposit.

20. stuntz unregistered

How does sprint suck, because CS sucks? Still gotta face the fact, that sprint has the largest voice 295 million plus, and mobile broadband network 152 million plus.

21. Don Louie unregistered

So the Curve and LX will have ptt or are they just part of the April releases?

22. Doug unregistered

Explain something to me why is it Verizon rules? There high deposits? There expense plans? There "unlimited" data plans for laptops and PCs? Or is it there ability to have this great coverage area everywhere in the US? Wow all those things are very laughable and I will tell you QCHAT if they keep it under that title will blow the socks off of all the over paying, none believing, and cocky verizon customers not to mention this year sprints going past rev O while Verizon will be just getting it.

23. Travis unregistered

I heard that the Samsung M800 was going to be out before April. Q1 2008 release??

24. Multi Rep unregistered

Ok 1st of VZW IS in Rev A. Maybe not in all markets but at least where I'm at they are. Sprint's CS is BEYOND subpar into definitions that should NEVER be used to clasify CS & that which is TERRIBLE. And their billing? Yeah let's not even go there. Yeah maybe a $400 deposit is a bit much but oddly enough those deposits only seem to come up with individuals who had another carrier, which most of the time coincidentally (SP), happened to be Sprint, that went into write off. Yeah there's a financially sound decision. Let's give a phone to the person who already had a phone with another carrier, eg. Sprint, & couldn't or didn't pay their bill. RIGHT..............

25. ryan unregistered

i jump onto this site to read what some people think of the new phones, and all i see is petty, nieve, and immature arguments about which provider is better. GET OVER IT PEOPLE...to each their own...If you want to go by facts alone, Sprint may have more coverage and fast EVDO speeds, but verizon has more customers. Sprint has 7pm nights, but ATT has rollover. Who is to say that one is better than the other??? not me. Just cause Spring is great for me, doesn't make it best for someone else. Just for kicks though...let me address the statment by comment #25. I find it funny that you claim to know what carrier each of the VZW applicants came from...and why they are required to have a deposit...very funny indeed. Since when did a simple credit eval EVER give out that info? Its called credit class, and people get pooled in one for many different reasons...and if VZW decided to charge $250 more than its #1 competitor, more power...just don't seem dumbfounded when they get sprint instead...K. According to facts alone, its simple to know that on paper Sprint is the clearly better choice for the majority of customers...(and if you know anything about the wireless world you will not argue this point) but the problem with this is that "on paper" isn't the end all...and never has been... so lets stop being so stupid, and learn that each carrier has their own pros and cons, and STOP ARGUING.

26. unregistered

From VZW's Website "With BroadbandAccess from Verizon Wireless in your notebook, you can access email, download files, and browse the Internet at broadband speed. Our growing high-speed wireless network covers more then 240 million people in 248 major metropolitan areas and 232 primary airports in the United States" Sprint doesn't even talk about how large their data network is. Yeah this is only VZW's EVDO-0&A coverage not including voice. Do your research.. Oh and about the fact taht vzw has pre-3g speeds... from speedtest.net if you go to Chandler Arizona b/c that is the only place I know taht has both Sprint and VZW broadband and not enough landline-based ISPs to drown out the data. VZW Cellco Partnership is 874, Sprint PCS 868.... Moron. I estimate sprint to file for bankruptcy or look to sell like Alltel did within 5 years. They lost a net 300,000 customers last Quarter while every other company gained around 1 million. You are a moron. I know everyone agrees with me.

27. Chief unregistered

Wow...I didn't know sprint carried phones. I'd get better service sending messages on the wings of a pigeon!

28. Enema unregistered

stuntz how more of a schmuck could you be. sprint is so close to going bankrupt. verizon will own sprint soon. and to me it sounds like you(stuntz) need to get your priorities straight. if verizon wanted a deposit that either means they know that you are homosexual and like sniffing pickles....or you never pay your bills and have even more homosexual credit. i know...its both huh? if you ever want any advice from a professional...let me or Chief know. that goes to all of you, we can handle all you pickle sniffers in denial. have a nice gay...i mean day.

29. Mult Rep unregistered

Ok 1st of all if you don't want to "argue" or as most ppl would put it state & read the opinions of others than MAYBE you shouldn't respond to ppl's comments. ESPECIALLY ppl who have been doing this work for almost 6yrs having sold ALL 4/5, (depending how you still view Sprint/Nextel) of the major national carriers. Everbody know how the debt to income ratio credit classification works. FACT - Individual annual income of $36,000. Annual debt rate of only roughly $28,000 so we all know the debt to income ratio won't bother them or as others put it their credit isn't over extended. Has NO other write offs except for one from oh I don't know let's say Sprint say 5 yrs back. GUARANTEE that individual WILL have a deposit for 99% of other carriers. Period. Oh and as to how I would know this information, well when an individual comes to get a phone and they say but all the bills I have I pay on time etc etc and I ask have you ever had a cell phone before really w/ who and what happened? it's funny how the majority of responses is, Yes, With Sprint, and They were charging me for stuff I wasn't doing or they shut my phone of because I was short a dollar or 2 on my bill so I Just stopped paying it all together. If you honestly think that cell phones don't look at more than just a customers credit rating you are naive. They do look for outstanding balances with other cellular providers. ESPECIALLY write offs. Straight from the manual credit review departments of ALL 4/5 national carriers.

30. Mult Rep unregistered

I apologize but my last comment was NOT directed to #28. It was directed to Ryan.

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