Sprint readies first Qchat phones to be launched

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Sprint readies first Qchat phones to be launched
It seems that Sprint is preparing its Qchat service for a launch, as according to rumors, a PTT-capable phone will be released in the next quarter of the year. This information comes from an anonymous source, revealing the first photos of an LG device, which we guess is the LG LX400. It is said to be similar to the Muziq in features, but the Qualcomm Qchat technology which is the CDMA equivalent of the iDEN’s Push-To-Talk service, will be its main selling point. Having in mind the rugged Samsung Z400 that was approved by FCC and also is equipped with Qchat PTT, it is strange that still there is no phone from Motorola on the horizon …

source: EngadgetMobile



1. Steve unregistered

Unless this is a hybrid Sprint Nextel phone there is no use for it!!! Past phones with ptt on Sprint Failed miserably. History will repeat itself but with a severe consequence this time. Leave it to Nextel technology with IDen. Focus is in the wrong place anyway TXTNG is HUGE RIGHT NOW why mess around with PTT. What a waste!!!

2. hailtothetheif83 unregistered

These new PTT phones with Qchat will have the ability to direct conect with existing Nextels. This is the whole point to put out feature filled phones with that capability. we wil get some good phones with al the features and PTT say godbye to the crappy hybrids

3. Pablo unregistered

Does anyone know if the Mogul be Qchat capable?

4. unregistered


5. unregistered

phones with qchat are due to be released the week of June 16th. the chat function technology is based on nextel's (iden) PTT but has been ported to the CDMA network. sprint is quietly claiming contact times of sub 500ms where the iden's best time is sub 700ms. they have also already built into the CDMA network the ability to cross chat to the iden network, so nextel can talk to qchat and vice versa. however, under the cdma/qchat network you cannot have members of an iden talkgroup, nor can you get priority access (for public safety type use)

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