Sprint to take pre-orders for EVO 4G in May, ship in June?

Sprint to take pre-orders for EVO 4G in May, ship in June?
The excitement is beginning to build for the next must-have handset, the HTC EVO 4G. An anonymous tipster passed along to Phandroid a spy shot of Radio Shack's internal system for employees-and no, it was not photographed on a TRS-80. The big bulletin here was that the message said that Radio Shack will be accepting pre-orders for the EVO 4G this month. Since we are in May, well, you get the picture. As if that wasn't enough info to make your heart beat faster, a couple of posters on AndroidForums.com wrote that Sprint has been telling each store's Advocate to expect their EVO 4G in the middle of this month. The carrier apparently selects one rep from each store to receive an upcoming new handset for use before launch, most likely to help train others and teach them the best way to sell the phone to the public. One poster says he heard from a friend who works at Sprint, that his pals store usually picks their Advocate a month prior to launch and today the selection was made. Another poster works for Sprint and was told that his store's Advocate would be selected on May 17th with training to start the next week. Launch date is expected to be June 6th. So what does this all mean? Usually where there is smoke there's fire and while we might be loath to select a precise date, a pre-order period in May followed by a launch in June seems quite possible for the EVO 4G.

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Source: AndroidForums, Phandroid

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