Sprint says adios to the Nexus One and yes to the HTC EVO 4G instead

Sprint says adios to the Nexus One and yes to the HTC EVO 4G instead
Following Verizon's move to pass up on the much hyped Google Nexus One, Sprint is now looking to follow the same path as we ride into the last leg of the HTC EVO 4G's speculated summer launch. Although it's difficult to say who made the ultimate decision to pass up the Nexus One, it would've easily thrown a pickle in Sprint's way if both devices were to be available at approximately the same time. Seeing that the HTC EVO 4G is superior in almost every way, Sprint's decision to leave behind the Nexus One will charismatically pave the way open for HTC to kick start this hot summer season as there won't be any shortage of decent smartphones making their presence. If for some apparent reason the Nexus One did make its way to Sprint, it surely wouldn't see any price drop – especially when pricing looks to be uniform throughout the board with the other launch partners. Throwing it on the flip side, the $179 contract price of the Nexus One could easily push Sprint to potentially move up pricing just a bit more for the EVO 4G to substantially elevate its status. In the end though, there is one winner to be found through all of this – HTC. As the Taiwan based company continues to soak up success, it'll be interesting to see how they will move forward once the HTC EVO 4G hits the market.

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source: Engadget

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