Sprint recognized for customer service by JD Power

Sprint recognized for customer service by JD Power
As wireless customers, our top priorities are typically call quality, coverage area, and now data speed. But what about customer service? We all hate having to deal with the customer service hurdles, but Sprint has distinguished itself as one of the most tolerable customer service experiences.

JD Power and Associates has recognized Sprint as a Customer Service Champion, an honor which only 40 companies earned in 2011. "These important interactions take place in our stores, on our website or in calls to our care centers...What makes this honor especially gratifying is that we received this distinction directly from our own customers," said Bob Johnson, chief service officer at Sprint.

The companies that received this honor were not just the top in their own fields, but the best from 20 different industries evaluated. The more than 800 different brands were judged based on customer reports, and opinions from JD Power's own research.

Sprint Wireless points out that JD Power wasn't the only organization to recognize their customer service. Vocalabs, a customer support researcher, found that Sprint was the highest rated wireless company in call satisfaction and first-call resolution, which are key factors in customer service.

So how does this honor line up with your own experiences? Have you had a good experience with Sprint's customer service? Or have you been impressed by another carrier?

source: Sprint



1. heyitzme

Posts: 87; Member since: Jan 03, 2011

Every carrier has good and bad customer service reps. Sprint has slowly been weeding out the bad ones with several tactics and it's showing. I work at a sprint call center and managed to survive here the last 3 years where there was a huge amount of emplyoyees being let go for not following process I would see different faces on a monthly basis just from people being let go then new reps being hired. That's halted because of the imporvements in customer satisfaction we have seen. It was scary though it was like one wrong mistake and poof your gone. lol

2. JustPlainDave

Posts: 45; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

I'm glad they were able to turn their image around. Now, maybe AT&T should give it a try. Lol

3. Customer unregistered

This is funny. When I first switched to Sprint just over 2 years ago the sales rep at the store warned me about their customer service. He said that calling Sprint's customer service was about as productive as banging your head against a wall, and to just come into the store if I ever needed help. I have never had a need for customer service, but kudos to Sprint for turning this image around...maybe they should inform their employees.

28. Former call center agent & sto unregistered

The reason that the store rep said that is because one of 3 things, he hates dealing with them, he wants a chance at another sale, or it looks bad in case it is just after signing a new contract. Been on both sides, and both times avoided talking to both... when i was a call center agent, i didn't want to talk to store rep because they were usually morons. When i was a store rep i never wanted to talk to the agent because they kept me off the floor which kept me off potential sales... thus a mutual hatred, one is in it for the greed the other is in it to lower his call time, pick which ever disgusts you less and you have better luck with. That's what i do with all of the companies i deal with, Qwest, Directiv, T-mobile, etc.

4. BigBrotherMotown unregistered

This is COMPLETELY FALSE! Those statistics come from sprint mainly.....and are NOT indicative of actual customer satisfaction!!!!!! At the end of EVERY call made to customer service they ask woulsd you say YES if someone asked if they resolved your problem....they will not let you go until you give them an answer and they specifically tell you that tha answer only pertains to THEIR PART of the service.....but often times i have been transfered NO LESS THAN 3 TIMES to actually get the resolution that I needed so I have given 3 people favorable ratings whe in actuality NONE of them should have even been rated until the very end! Sprint has the wporst customer service ever.....US CELLULAR's customer service was BY FAR the best of any company I have ever dealt with

6. heyitzme

Posts: 87; Member since: Jan 03, 2011

I'm confused.So you're saying they wouldn't let you off of the line until the issue was resolved? And they would have to transfer you to get it resolved? in some cases a transfer is required as specialist are only trained in certain areas and only have certain capabilities this applies to managers with thos edepartments aswell. a manager with customer care may not have as much authority as a manager with cancellations. And the statistics come from third party surveyers not Sprint....

7. downphoenix

Posts: 3165; Member since: Jun 19, 2010

wrong. A 3rd party company called Advanis does the surveys. If you think that Sprint's customer service is so bad, go switch to another carrier, its a free country.

8. BigKippa

Posts: 12; Member since: Sep 14, 2008

You are a moron, NONE of this data comes from Sprint directly, it comes from a survey conducted BY JD POWER & ASSOCIATES of it's customers directly from the customers. Your experience is not indicative of every interaction that customers have, no company is perfect. This is an overall study conducted by a 3rd party company (JD Power) completely independent of the companies they are evaluating. JD Power is generally considered the best and most unbiased company that conducts these types of studies. Please know what you are talking about before you start spewing your garbage.

12. BigBrotherMotown unregistered

YOU are the MORON.... The study was CONDUCTED by JDPowers but they use information collected by sprint along with other outside services as well. WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME SOMEONE FROM JD POWERS CALLED YOU AND ASKED HOW YOU FELT ABOUT YOUR CELLULAR SERVICE??????????? DAMN FOOL!

13. heyitzme

Posts: 87; Member since: Jan 03, 2011

Another thing that can affect the customer service is how you treat the rep you get with. My guesses is you're not exactly calm about things when you call in BigBrother.

15. BigBrotherMotown unregistered

Actually.... I am VERY COURTEOUS to the customer service reps I speak to.....however it is absolutely INSANE to have 5 different people ask me for a phone number, name and pincode before i can even get my problem addressed. So your "guess" about me would be wrong sir.

23. Landmarkcm

Posts: 507; Member since: Aug 11, 2009

VERY True I hated that about Sprint. At least Att's automated actually recognizes who you are! Sprint's is a joke & useless!

29. TomDickHarry unregistered

Um....yes, actually, I have received a call from JD Power. For you to think that these companies just send JD Power their internal scores and JD just posts them, well...that's just childish sir.

14. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

Continue to yell. That helps.

18. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

At the end of a resolve, they generally ask: "If someone calls you from Sprint for a survey, would you say I solved all your issues today?" You can either say yes or no at this point. If they do call, the questions are usually recorded. You can answer anyway you want. As another poster had mentioned, advanced technical assistance is reserved for more tougher technical questions. It is better to have these reps split apart. Why tie up an advanced technical rep for general questions. I never have to wait more than 15 to 20 seconds for a rep to answer. I'm very pleased on the complete turn around in Sprint's Customer Service. John B

5. Hotzb22

Posts: 109; Member since: Mar 30, 2009

its not the reps its just att

9. Jersey unregistered

AT&T will be in the cellar for quite some time.

10. oddmanout

Posts: 443; Member since: May 22, 2009

Its funny how T-Mobile always gets the award for best CS by JD Power and Associates... I've had sprint four months ago and their CS was far superior to what I'm getting from t-mobile. Every time I call CS, I get directed to someone in India that cant understand me or vice versa. They take hours to address the problem and dont even confront it properly... Its horrible.

11. snowgator

Posts: 3621; Member since: Jan 19, 2011

There may be a ton of reasons why a company gets consumers to come to their products, and several reasons why you may stay with a certain service. But it seems customer service is the first reason why any company loses buisness. I started doing my cell phone "homework" to get prepared to leave AT&T after being with them since 2005 after a 6 hour marathon due to a problem with my wifes phone which was not resolved correctly the previous day. Which company I end up with is dependant on a lot of factors, mostly keeping my wife happy and my life easier. But AT&T lost me on that day.

16. Kevin unregistered

I switched to Sprint in late '08 and all the problems I've had with devices and activations, I always went through their customer service chat online for support. I can tell you this, it was so simple and easy. It's actually a lot easier than going to your local store or talking on the phone with them because a person's tone may be different than plain text. It just ends up aggravating you if you don't like them which I think plays a big role for the person seeking support. I can honestly say I don't like the woman at my local Sprint store and I get out of my way to ask her questions knowing she can't respond or doesn't have any knowledge about it.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

It's like this....every all center has a food chain. When you call any call center, you are speaking to the bottom of the food chain. They are the people who handle everything and the things they can't handle, they transfer or send a service ticket up to the higher food chain. I cannot stand when people assume they are talking to the top dogs and thinking their issue will be resolved RIGHT THEN AND THERE. It does not work that way anyway. The bottom of the food chain is there to take your call, answer your general questions and foward your issues up that they are not qualified for. And yes every call center has it's good workers and the bad ones. And it doesn't help when there are really nasty, impatient, and rude customers who call.

19. BigBrotherMotown unregistered

I understand what you said but here's a scenario for you ********TRUE STORY*********** I called spring a week ago because i was having problems with an AIRAVE (a device which uses your internet connection to boost the signal in your home) The very first person I spoke to asked me what was the problem. I told her that my AIRAVE WAS NOT WORKING. She then asked me to provide my name, phone number and pin code, which I did and she stated she would transfer me to tech support. The tech support person asked me the same questions. After providing the info they said that they would transfer me to LEVEL 2 TECH SUPPORT. That person asked me the SAME QUESTIONS and after I provided the info told me that THEY COULD NOT HELP ME WITH THE AIRAVE AND THAT I HAD TO BE TRANSFERED TO AIRAVE'S TECH SUPPORT! O ne there I was asked the SAME QUESTIONS and after providing the info was told I would be TRANSFERED TO SOMEONE WHO COULD HELP ME!!!!!!!!!! The last person I spoke to informed me that the device had not yet been activated and helped me set it up..... DOES THIS SEEM LIKE AF EFFICIENT PROCESS TO YOU? Didnt I tell THE FIRST PERSON I SPOKE TO what the problem was? Why was I transfered to 3 other people who could not help me? I never expected my problom to be solved "right then and there" but why should I have to give the SAME information to 4 PEOPLE WHO COULD DO NOTHING FOR ME? Does this make any sense to you?

20. Kevin unregistered

That's just ignorance on your part. Calling in to complain about a device not working, when you haven't even questioned yourself on what the problem was. Anybody in the right state of mind would already know what to do if it wasn't activated. You might as well call your internet provider and ask why your connection is feeling slow.

22. BigBrotherMotown unregistered

Actually its Ignorance on YOUR part.... In fact the Person who finally activated the device told me that they TELL people that the devices were ALREADY ACTIVATED. The people who SENT me the device told me that all I had to do was HOOK IT UP. So once again sprint UNINFORMED personell gave the WRONG information to a customer.....yet you continue to defend them. Do you work for them?????

24. Kevin unregistered

Please show me a form of statement or some sort of receipt on your device being activated. Until then, keep yelling. I can already tell by the way you feel the need to capitalize everything just because you were disagreed in a formal argument that I would've hanged up instead. So if I decide to defend a company, I work for them? Great assumptions, but please stop being ignorant.

21. Landmarkcm

Posts: 507; Member since: Aug 11, 2009

Im baffled. I actually just switched to Att (them adding anymobile was just the kicker I needed). But I thought Sprint's service was declining again. I got rude outsourced uneducated agents half the time. So far Att (knock on wood) lol has been great! & My sister says the opposite. I Switched family over from Att to Sprint and she thinks Sprint's bettter. So it's a mixed bag for sure!

36. iknow

Posts: 3; Member since: Feb 21, 2011

sprint has had anymobile anytime for a long time~i guess ur still baffled!

25. Sprint Rep - Customer Care unregistered

It's a simple solution. The first rep you always reach is someone like myself in customer care. Within our database we have limited information for troubleshooting an airave. The first rep you spoke with actually did the right thing in trying to escalate up. We have specialized departments who deal with specific things. That way, as someone mentioned previously, we don't tie up a rep in advanced tech support with just general questions when they could be assisting someone else with bigger issues. Possibly though, the first rep you spoke with may have been new or not fully versed in procedure (turnover rate for employees at call centers is pretty high). What I would have done differently is got you over to airave support directly so you wouldn't have been bounced around. But I'm pretty aware of the flow for what needs to be done and where. I do ask sincerely to have a little patience with us and put yourself in our shoes, because most customer care reps want to genuinely help you and get the issue fixed since you have more pressing things to be concerned about. Take care.

26. Jase4G unregistered

I Left Sprint Oct Of 2010 And Their Customer Service Sucked, And Their Tech Support Screwed Up My Account By Refreshing Three Times Over A Two Month Period, Then When I Called They Did It Again, And The My Sprint Web Account Says It Updates Every 24 Hours, If This Is True Why Did It Tell Me I Had Credit On My Account Of $212.68 For Two Weeks, And Why During That Time Was I Terminated By The System For Two Months Nonpayment, Of Wich I Have Proof Of Said Payments? Also The Terms Said If No Payment Is Received The Account Gets Temp Disconnect, So With That Knowledge How Could It Stay Active Two Months If Their Statement Was True?, With All Their Prorated Bs Charges For The Account Refreshing Done Totals $376.98+428.96 _For The So Stated BS Of My So Called Non Payments Wich Is That Bs. I Can State The Following This Award Is Shit It Is False And In Turn Bs To Make Sprint Look Good The Employee That Stated Don't Call Customer Service Was Right DON'T FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST DON'T!!!!!!!!!! If You Have Sprint Still I'm So Very Sorry I Wish I Had Millions Of Dollars To Help You All Leave That Mistake Of A Telco I'm So Very Sorry.......

31. rdaex unregistered

You do know its INCREDIBLY difficult to read all that when you capitalize every single word dont you? Also, no one will listen to you if you sound like a child.

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