Sprint is moving forward with a focus on Android & 4G this year

Sprint is moving forward with a focus on Android & 4G this year
Needless to say that Sprint’s biggest strength right now is their established 4G WiMAX network and surging Android powered devices. With those two in mind, it’s going to be their signature offering as they keep steady on their course of being competitive in the market.

From the sounds of it all, the pin dropping network is planning to have more than 20 devices that will be running off their high speed 4G WiMAX network – which obviously consists of handsets, tablets, Mi-Fi units, USB data sticks, and netbook. Come to think of it, that’s arguably the right decision to make now that all new customers signing contracts will have to pay that additional $10 premium data plan with a smartphone.

In any event, the carrier is also looking to have approximately 70 percent of their upcoming smartphones being powered by Google’s Android platform.  Naturally, we’ve already seen the wonders that come out from a WiMAX enabled Android smartphone.

However, we’re sure that customers are waiting for the next big thing to hit Sprint because frankly speaking, we have yet to see another device that reaches the status close to what we saw with the HTC EVO 4G and Samsung Epic 4G. Although we’re still very early in the year, the competition will no doubt make it tough – hence why Sprint is aggressively making a move with Android and WiMAX.

source: WSJ via IntoMobile



1. Don't get it unregistered

Then explain to me, if this is what they are trying to do, what was that shit yesterday shit cause that is going in the wrong direction.... I like Sprint, but that was a let down yesterday...

4. james661 unregistered

You are damn right i was waiting for the industry first. And when i saw it i was like they should have just got that old ass iphone 4. I mean you got to try new thing but this aint going to do it iam sorry

2. calistA unregistered

ey on the thingy that sprint showed yesterday that has 2 screens can u play ds games on it???

3. jenna_23

Posts: 145; Member since: Apr 02, 2010

@ calista i dont think the phone wit da 2 screens can play ds games. But when i first saw it i thought o shitt that looks like a freakin ds only with a larger screens..

5. Slammer

Posts: 1515; Member since: Jun 03, 2010

I'm not exactly sure what people were expecting from Sprint's announcement. Sprint promised an innovation and industry first. They delivered. Sprint never mentioned this to be a flagship phone. And without WiMAX, it would not qualify. What Sprint did was, create hype and anticipation. Isn't this what draws interest and business? isn't this what keeps VZW and ATT in front of consumers? Sprint's marketing has not been very strong. I give them props for initiating some sort of aggressive move in stepping up to the plate. Kyocera might not be what people were expecting. But, regardless, it is an innovative product that I would be willing to transition to within time of positive reviews of testing. John B.

6. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

Um, what keeps VZW and AT&T in front of customers is things like the iPhone and top-of-the-line Android phones. Last year Sprint at least had 2 of the top-of-the-line phones. And they had something of a 4G network if you were lucky to live in one of the areas where WiMax was available. This year, Sprint has... the thingy with 2 screens. And AT&T and VZW have the iPhone and the current top-of-the-line Android phones (Atrix and Bionic, respectively).

8. homineyhominey unregistered

slight correction. Sprint had THE 2 top of the line phones.

9. Droid_X_Doug

Posts: 5993; Member since: Dec 22, 2010

Emphasis on 'had'. :-)

7. LordDavon unregistered

Unfortunately, no. They created a lot of hype after being too quiet for too long. Hyped announcements work to drive stock prices up while customers wait in anticipation for the "next best thing". Sprint has been too quiet lately. While other carriers are announcing great choices for their customers, Sprint has announced none. As for what they announced -- a new concept, with a dated OS, minimal application and questionable SDK -- it was a huge disappointment. Again, Sprint's stock went down.

11. Napoleon

Posts: 60; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

Personally I thought they were going to show a phone that would blow the EVO out of the water...

10. Napoleon

Posts: 60; Member since: Dec 09, 2010

I just want to know when does Sprint plan to introduce these items? I was hoping Monday's event would have showcased a great new phone for Q1... Instead I am highly disappointed by what ended up being shown... Sad day for Sprint!!!!

12. nismipwr16 unregistered

I know everyone was hoping for a dual core in sprint. Many are upset and others are talking ***. I have faith in Sprint. when evo 2 is announced, everyone will jump on the Sprint bandwagon.

13. Jase4G unregistered

I Will Never Get With Spit PCS Ever Again Put Simply They SUCK!!!!! I Cancelled In Oct. Of 2010 And The Evo Is Not That Great, Its Not Bad But Not To Great I Think It Was A Waste Of 300 Bones, Also I Did Some Calclations And Found Out Now Verizon Wireless Is Twenty Dollars Cheaper So Hahahahahahahahahahahah ,And The Losers At Sprint Cant Even Speak/Fix/Help In Any Way. They F### Your Bill, Then Can't Even Run A Little Bit Of A Dependable Network, Their Coverage Is Weak And Connections Are Horrible I Should Know Since I Travel Nationwide, Their Wimax Coverage Is Weak To Say The Least And If Anyone Remembers Coverage Was Pulled In Three States Not That Anyone Noticed.lol, They Cant Fix Shit Without Screwing Up Your Account Then Comes The Monthly Prorate Shit Because They Refresh Your Account Anytime You Need Ts, Then Is Well We Can Rtn It, Yay Rtn It Yay(sarcasim) Its The Shit, Loose Your Data Once A Week Youll Love It, Then You Pay For A New Phone And Guess What!?!? Coverage At Home Still Sucks Like Before, So They Say If You Stay Will Give You An Airave3g You Think Yaayyy My Phone Will Work At Home Now NOPE...... Cause Guess What They Charge You To Supplie Yourself With Spit Service Over Your ISP Of Who You Pay Already, Then Then You Say Something About It They Claim To Have Fixed It Then Guess What They Refreshed Your Account Mid Month And Now You Owe Prorated Charges Cause Of It Ontop Of Your Plan Taxes Surcharges And Insurace Payments Because They Cant Fix Your Phone, Then You Buy An Evo And Guess What At The Store Infront Of Everyone Your First Call On It Is Signal Faded Call Lost, So Then Your Problems Continue And You Call But Cant UnderStand cs So Hang Up Call Back Hang Up Call Back And This Goes On And On And On And On Then Finally An American Voice Can It Be Yes Yes Finally Yes And They F### Up Your Account..... Put It Like This If Your A New Customer And Want Four Lines And You Get The Everything Data 1500 Family Share With Anymobile For $129.99 And Evos Or Epics You Pay The $20 For Lines 3 And 4 Total Of $40 Then Twenty Times Four Because They Have Crapmax And Because The Ten Dollar Charge For Smart Phones Then Add Taxes And Surcharges Usually Thirty Dollars Plus The $4.99 Four Times For Account Spending Limit Charges They Charge Per Line Witch Is Stupid, $299.95 Not To Mention Insurance On All The Phones Witch Addes Up Then Look At VZW 1400 Minutes Four Lines $109.97 Then Add Five Dollars Times 4 For Messaging pic Vids Text , Then Add $29.99 Times Four Your Total 249.93 Then Add Thirty For Taxes And Surcharges And Your Grand Total Is $279.93 Also Again Insurance For Those Line In The End VZW Ftw Add The Best Coverage 24/7 TS American Based CS No Spending Limit Crap No Additional Charges For Smartphones... I'm Getting Verizon So Is My Fam I'm Getting The Thunderbolt.... So No Not Everyone Will Jump Aboard Spit.........

14. Jase4g unregistered

And Before Anyone Mentions Any Mobile Anytime, Verizon Has Friends And Family Anybody You Know Who Doesnt Have Vzw Can Go on This F&F List.....

17. indirect unregistered

Wow. I think you needs an um edumacation on um typing! Good luck on your journey through like looking like a jack a** all your life.

18. indirect unregistered

*Life not like

19. Jase4g unregistered

The Miss Typing Is To See Who Actually Reads My Post.... But Funny Tho Ehh??????

21. The Now unregistered

Hey retard. Its mis-typing. Not MISS typing.

24. Jase4g unregistered

You Insalt Me And Do The Same Shit.. So You Should Go To Typeing School With Me We Could Be "Friends"... LOL

20. Cunning Stunts unregistered

Punctuaction... Learn it Live it Love it Im not even sure what the point of you long run on sentence is

22. Jase4g unregistered

It All Means I Was Bored Saw The Story Joked With Friends About It, All Of Us Pretty Much Decided To State That Sprint Suxxxxx.... It Was In The Begining Of The Rant, And That Sprint Is Horrible, And Charges More Than Verizon, Like Seriously It Was All There....... Plus It Was To Piss Off some People....... It Amused Me At The Time... And To See If People Would Read It I Misspelled Some Words, Then Didn't Use Any Punctuation, And I Pissed Off Indirect And The Now, So I feel Accomplished Now. lol.

23. Jase4g unregistered

And You Should Have Said (I'm Not Even Sure What The Point Of Your Long Run On Sentence Was.) You Put "Im not even sure what the point of you long run on sentence is"

15. Vegas89

Posts: 51; Member since: Mar 15, 2010

Sprints best phones always come at CTIA, so though yesterday was disappointing, I expect something much better come March 22nd

16. Landmarkcm

Posts: 507; Member since: Aug 11, 2009

webOS PLEASE Sprint. The countdown is on today is Hp's big event to hopefully revive it!!

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